Have you ever felt like a phone call that’s been disconnected?

– Shannen Doherty

The two hairs at Collabor88 I’m sure is already becoming everyone’s favorite. With the different options of bangs or fringe and then still the ability to have hair forward or all back. I like that there is even an option to just be a ponytail if you want. That’s over 4 different hairstyles you can do with this hair or the bun version. 😀

I also really loved that even this hoodie came with 3 options. 1 graphic with words, another graphics that’s the one in my picture and a plain hoodie option. ^^ The hoodie has a really cute pair of matching shorts but I decided to go with the jeans and hoodie classic combo. I mean how often is it you get a really good pair of mesh jean shorts in a gacha? Hardly ever lol.

This has been a very lazy sunday for me. Back in the days I would of spent it on the phone chatting with my friends about what we doing at school the next day. Sort of nostalgia moment for me, lol. Wishing you happy shopping.♥

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The Wolves.

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.

– George Carlin

February 10th marks the day of the opening of this rounds Enchantment event! Time for a tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast! I was going to showcase all the pretty yellowness in this round but instead I saw the village dress and HAD to blog it. The scene where the wolves attack Belle after trying to escape always got my adrenaline running as a child. So I wanted to try and reenact it. (The scene in case you haven’t seen the original movie.)

Unfortunately the pose used in the photo has a really high priority so I couldn’t edit it how I wanted to. But was hoping I did at least a little justice to that story scene. You couldn’t help but love the Beast and feel bad when he got hurt. But just wait til I can get enough time to showcase all these other awesome things coming to the event! I even got to show off the horse I spent a lot of money on because I always wanted a bento horse. X3

Anywho back to this really cute detailed dress. It has 3 commons and can you guess who they are? How about the three ditzy blondes that are in love with Gaston? XD I so need to find two more people so we can try and do a Gaston picture maybe. I also need to find a Gaston. > . < The rare is of course the ballroom gown that is just beautiful and has a built-in pose to help you stand straight int he dress. Like I stated earlier I actually have a lost of picture ideas for this round so stay tuned! Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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New Course.

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.

– Matsuo Basho

Today marks the day of saving your last pennies for this round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 😀 It opens tomorrow and it’s time to break out the wenches outfits and grog. Time to set sail abroad and find the very treasure we need for roleplaying. \o/ Not a bad opening, right? XD Anywho, I’m showcasing not one but three sets of items you can get at this round. Including some lovely braids that come with a unique headpiece. Now the metal chains does not change but the beads do via HUD. The dress comes in 7 colors total with common matching gloves and jacket. Now the rare is the black set including gloves, jacket (not worn in picture) and the dress of course. Really neat thing about this set is it’s even compatible with the classic linden body.

Furniture wise, I tried to showcase everything this gacha had to offer but I could only fit so much lol. Just know this gacha is filled with everything a Captain could need in his or hers quarters. If only I could of found a really awesome boat with a captains cabin below deck.. But I found something just as good since everyone needs beer on a ship lol.

I do apologize in advance, for I think I need to get my eyes checked again. > . < My poor eyebrows didn’t want to rez in the closeup shot and I tried to fix it as best as I could since I had already left the setup. Anyone else having some rezzing issues with heavily objected posts lately or is it just me? lol I swear sometimes SL doesn’t want me to succeed the way some viewers are laid out. XD Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Visit from Kewpie.

The only real things in life is the unexpected things. Everything else is just an illusion.

– Watkin Tudor Jones

I have never truly seen a kewpie until this gacha right here. These are some big eyes are kinda creepy yet cute dolls. I feel sorta sad I didn’t learn about these dolls earlier, I would of given them to some people in real life. X3 I think they are so little and cute they’d be the perfect present for someone’s baby shower. There are 2 naked kewpies you can hold that also have a bento pose in them.. 4 ribbon colors with cute random kewpies on them. 2 angels and 1 devil kewpie that you can hold with a bento pose that they sit on your finger. A animated hearts and cheek sparkles, you can wear them seperate! And the rare is a set of kewpie rings, they do only fit maitreya however. The Kurenai Exclusive item is a really cute kewpie in pink overalls holding a heart, this also has a bento hold pose in it. I think after this post, kewpie is permanently in my vocabulary. lol

I had to blog this for now and probably again and again… and again, whenever I can. I loooove strawberries and for this chair to have it wedged inside, I fell in love. I thought it was a big piece of mochi with a strawberry inside, I really shouldn’t be talking about mochi when I have none.. >. < Anywho, I decided to one menu option in the chair that’s really good for poses. There’s also bento sits and friends sits that move, I just haven’t gotten to test out the friend ones yet. But I can at least show the static bento poses. 😀 Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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A Snowman.

When things stick together, it can be magical.

– Jane Lee Logan

So I was actually trying to just do a photo with my recently purchased kitten but noo, deers can be so jealous. I mean sure it’s the cutest photo bomb I’ve had in awhile and trust me there’s been plenty. XD I actually have them to just wander about and I find it so cute that every great now and then they’ll sit and rest. I don’t/didn’t know if these guys have an AI in them that makes them follow me but they do.. And sit around my feet just like the little one did in the picture lol. Then I realized the mom decided to photobomb as well, shoot I was expecting the father to show up as well. I can’t even make a snowman in peace. XD So I thought I’d show my little cute deer family struggle.

I did another thing! I found another cute combo that I haven’t seen yet, like I said, I haven’t seen yet. So I found that the fuzzy vest Cynful made goes really welly with the CandyDoll top recently made. I tested a few vests and they poked in the back some but these two don’t poke. And and I even got a few of Runaway’s hat colors to match the vest. I think it’s a really festive look for Winter and might be something different to try if you don’t like to look like everyone else. X3

A heads up about the top, it should work with most Catwa heads and some Lelutka heads. Any other head you try to wear with this top is a toss up. So please make sure you demo. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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A Happier Time.

Even in winter an isolated patch of snow has a special quality.

– Andy Goldsworthy

Alright time to get into gear with the Winter cozy photos! And what better way to start than showing off this dress/fur combo of Cynfuls, accenting with the matching necklace of course. And and I bought new deer! I got me some moving, blinking and laying down deers! The family was split up but I brought them back together. Don’t worry I wont be taking ALL snowy pictures, I’ll still try and throw some random themes out there as more events open up. I will however be slowing down on how much I shop in SL. So I do apologize in advance if you start seeing some repeat decor and such. I am on a huge budget and unfortunately SL didn’t make the cut, besides premium. If you are a blogger you SOOO need premium, I’m just saying. The extra group space really comes in handy, as well as a permanent place to rez of your own.

Now, these heels are unrigged which means get ready for some good ol fashion resizing! And moving about, no feet are required because the socks are meshed with it. Which actually went perfect with Blueberry’s leggings. Reason why is because her leggings have the option of to wear her leggings with boots. So it makes your leg a bit skinnier and it made it to where I didn’t have to resize so much. 😀 and it actually went really well with the cute kitties. X3

By the way, I wanted to mention the piercing on my lip because your not going to see it on the ad. The actual piercings come with bento head sizes, but with my head being newer it doesn’t have a size. But I really want a bento lip piercing, so I played with every size that was included… I think about 7 or 8 and saw one went on my lip. 😮 Shoot after it went in a good part in the middle, I decided to keep it right there. X3 I actually really like it, weird and unique lol. Just wanted to share that, wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Ascending To Greater.

I’ll lift you and you lift me, and we’ll both ascend together.

– John Greenleaf Whittier

*sighs*You know what would be really great around this time? For someone to release more formal looking tuxedo tops and pantsuits for women. I miss tops like these where you dare to stand out with chivalry flair. With this top being mentioned, it is a big reason why I used a retired item for this outfit. These boots were meant to be with a formal outfit that comes with a skirt and tuxedo like top such as mine. I hope I can inspire a designer to bring back the style of flashy suits for women.

It’s been awhile since I took a trip to the old Chouchou. Was just what my outfit was asking for, I hope this sim never leaves. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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