If you do what you love, it is the best way to relax.

– Christian Louboutin

It is a relaxing time when stress has overcome your mind. I’m sure I probably grabbed many readers attention with my sudden complexion change, I know I did my friends lol. I wanted to become more diverse again as I think I’m starting to fall into a too comfort zone and like to branch out. So I do hope I execute this well enough for you to still be interested in my styling as well as the skintones I pick out from time to time. Everybody needs a little spice in their life right?

Well I got the chance to blog this really exquisite looking Iwaburo by Blossom that’s at the Kurenai event this round. It’s 15 land impact and the akse giver is 1Li, not too hefty and reasonable amount of prims. I wasn’t expecting it to have an animation where I am floating face down in the water. xD It instantly made me think of so many anime ecchi sauna scenes that usually has a guy end up face down in the water. There’s um… also another funny weird animation inside that I’ll leave you to find out but just know it’s hyperspeed. You can also check below in the details to find the face down animation I was talking about lols.

I also was given the opportunity to blog konpeitou again! This time with a revealing front and backside kimono. It was interesting seeing some of the lingerie and bikini combos I can throw underneath. >/w //< This kimono is to fit with aii’s nekomata ears and tails which I also have a clearer glimpse down below as to see why you need the tail at least. lols Finally something catered to a neko! \o/ This also can be found at the Kurenai event. Don’t be afraid to try something new, wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Have you ever felt like a phone call that’s been disconnected?

– Shannen Doherty

The two hairs at Collabor88 I’m sure is already becoming everyone’s favorite. With the different options of bangs or fringe and then still the ability to have hair forward or all back. I like that there is even an option to just be a ponytail if you want. That’s over 4 different hairstyles you can do with this hair or the bun version. 😀

I also really loved that even this hoodie came with 3 options. 1 graphic with words, another graphics that’s the one in my picture and a plain hoodie option. ^^ The hoodie has a really cute pair of matching shorts but I decided to go with the jeans and hoodie classic combo. I mean how often is it you get a really good pair of mesh jean shorts in a gacha? Hardly ever lol.

This has been a very lazy sunday for me. Back in the days I would of spent it on the phone chatting with my friends about what we doing at school the next day. Sort of nostalgia moment for me, lol. Wishing you happy shopping.♥

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Late Bloomer.

How does the Meadow flower its bloom unfold? Because the lovely little flower is free down to its root, and in that freedom bold.

– William Wordsworth

This whole outfit started with stockings and just got piled on top until I accidentally made a fairy photo. XD I always wanted to do a fairy picture but didn’t know how to go about it without editing a picture. Especially when on a sim you can’t rez particles to help you with. I don’t think many may understand just how grateful I am to finally find the perfect way to showcase an outfit and how it looks in-world. I grew out of taking catalogue photos but missed showing everything clearly on an outfit. But I also missed being artistic with a photo and making it worth a thousands words. One day I’ll find that happy balance but for now I can focus on the art side and just let my gifs do the rest down below. I’m no teacher and couldn’t teach to someone else even if I tried. My patience is unfortunately not that great and not everyone learns like me, which makes it more difficult in the end. I always encourage people to google and search and learn like I am, the hard way. I’m not doing anything easy here and it’s all self taught, either you have the passion to learn or be a late bloomer. :3 I can give some awesome encouragement if need be though and some advice.

Also a big thank you to my friend Angelique Imani for pointing me into the direction of the Sunflower Hangout. Never heard of it but was definitely taken by surprise of how many sunflowers was out. You know I see a lot of sims with sunflowers but when it comes to needing one for a picture it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. XD It’s always nice to have friends to point you in a good direction, if not always right lol. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Fxxk It.

It’s a romance without any tears of blood, a game without advantages or disadvantages. You come and go like an alto and soprano with different melodies.

– T.O.P. [Fxxk It]

**ALERT** **ALERT** There seems to be a limited item in this post. The backdrop is messing with my sensors, it must be limited. lol ((Too much android. XD)) But yes, the backdrop is the limited item in this picture. The color black/red of this is limited to 100 copies sold and since this started Nov. 18th, your chances could be slim. Of course you still have 14 days so I hope you can get the colors you like, me myself, I like the black and white. lol But you know me I like the versatile backdrops more than anything and grayscale always wins.

Have a few more events hidden in this post like Tannenbaum and Fameshed. I was actually surprised how many events was in this picture. XD Even my sponsor Milk Tea is finally back with new releases! \o/ To think, this is hardly the beginning of events opening for December alone. I hope I can get a break before the New Years. XD 

By the way, lemme just take this time to shine light on this freaking fuzzy cardigan! Do you know how much I love fluffy things? Long as it’s faux. XD The nails should give you a little clue. ;3 But oh my goodness, it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die! Need.. more… fluffy.. things! Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Pink Delight.

My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy your ice cream while it’s on your plate.

– Thornton Wilder

Since the dress I wanted to talk about is a bit more covered up than I would like with this pose, I’mma redo it soon. ^^ I mean this dress has some hidden surprises most clothes don’t offer. One in particular I like, even though it’s rare for me to have my belleza on, this dress has Belleza Isis + Freya (natural + perky chest) sizes. I loooove me some perky boobies so for this to have an option for me to use it is a super plus. I know a few of my friends like that perky option as well so I can’t wait for them to find out!

Now.. I took the liberty to show little clips of what these ears and tail can do. Because, honestly these ears and tail have some frickin cool options in movement. Took me some getting use to what’s what but worth it. However, since I cannot upload videos to my wordpress I’m going to post the flickr link instead. 

The motion of the Ears ♥, I chose this motion because it’s the most bizarre haven’t been seen yet animation and a darn good one too! The motion of the Tail ♥, I love how fluid it moves like a really good wave.

As many of you probably already know PocketGacha has already started and I think I’m prepared to be broke… again. But did you know there’s 7 backdrops this time by Foxcity inside? Have any of you played yet? which backdrop is your favorite? I think the hanging clothes apartment one will be my next project. Dunno why but I love clothes drying in the breeze in pictures. If you played already, should tell me which one is your favorite. 😀 Wishing you happy shopping.♥

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Poor, Unfortunate Dough.

Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?

– Matt Groening

Just in case my little humor was missed, the title to this post is a play on Little Mermaids, Ursula’s song, “Poor Unfortunate Souls”. I think of that song every time I look at a donut before I devour it. XD Homer Simpson had the right type of guilty pleasure. Those who know me knows I’m a potato head, but my sweet side… goes to the Donuts/Doughnuts. ♥

The Candy Fair has finally opened as well! A kawaii event and a food event, The Cookish Fair, always go together like pocky and ramune. One has some cupcake delights while the other one bares the weight of dough. I hope you saved up for all these events opening, heaven knows I didn’t. XD Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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