.142; breathtaking.

i want to make something that is breathtaking. of course, you can’t make something that is always breathtaking, or you would never be able to breathe. you would collapse.

– Brian Eno

i have a brand showing their face in a event again this round. Tres Chic being one of them; i had totally forgotten how long that event even stays open. but never fear! i googled and figured it out just in case anyone else forgot. we have until July 5th! right after independence day, i wonder if it’s always on the 5th.. anywho! prepare for some more event releases, let’s hope i can keep the creativity up! ♥

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if you missed out on this round of luxe box now is the time to kick yourself in the butt. i am definitely kicking myself in the butt for forgetting to join, i missed the cutest milk carton. .-. sigh, oh wells i at least got to be honored enough to receive my favorite type of shirt by Blueberry. > w< one of the reasons why i didn’t even have money for the luxe box is because i also went to fameshed before anything, i mean i had to fishnet heels? i wont even have to wear fishnet stockings haha! anywho enough of my babbling i am onto another outfit adventure! toodles. ♥

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i just realized with easter sunday around the corner i just took a picture with a bunny. X3 i seriously didn’t plan that but i just had to point it out. others are probably like ‘pfft whatever, you know you did that on purpose #nicetry’. nah i keed… at least i hope no one thinks that way when reading my posts. o.O maybe i shouldn’t put this in there… <. < too late… too much to backspace now.

anywhooo, i actually was lucky enough to get to go inside the Pose Fair early before the big buy rush. (i didn’t know it would be this good… i didn’t bring enough money. .-.) it’s so fun to see the hands being used in poses now, i can sorta be lazy from time to time with all this now. i would overthink my whole look of the photo and forget to pose my hands every flippin time or when i do remember to i fck it up and it looks horrid. now i can blame the pose maker, haha! (i kid.) i also went shopping at Collabor88, fixed up my new sky platform and i am loving the dirt, the nature, the carrots, the rabbits. ahhh, good stuff i even have a cow named Betsy lol. ok… now to just cut it off short buuuut i’m cutting it off short. 😀 running out of things to say and starting to ramble is no good. ♥

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okay i may have fibbed just a bit in my last post, THIS is my last picture style layout for my blog. i’m going to be changing it up more so i can try and test my photography skills some more. so far this new process is annoying, frustrating and i want to pull my hair out but it just makes it all the better when i get’er done. lol anyone can take a clear pic now-a-days but i want to try and do the whole picturesque deal. NOW, if you see this layout style come right back up it is because i failed miserably, cried a couple days then gave up. i am all self taught here so i am trying to push my limits. but sometimes i got deadlines before my limits so i have to say f* it if need be and do the comfortable layout. some feedback would be nice on this issue because i really don’t know whether i’m trying to leave a good thing or doing something better. buuut i’m usually shy about these type of things plus trying to get a poll to see what my viewers think. I mean whats a blogger without viewers lol.


i don’t have any event previews this time, this is pretty much a ‘let’s hurry and catch up before you are forgotten again’ post. lol last thing i want to be is forgotten or boring. ♥

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anybody else ready for summer to just be here? and when i say anybody i really do mean the ones whose been dealing with the cold, rain and snow like i am. i know many other states would love some rain lol. i actually have an announcement/welcoming to make, i just recently got accepted to be a blogger for MODA again! mind you i haven’t tried for her in a couple years after that long break I had. so i am really excited and honored to sponsor her brand again. ♥ i hope i don’t disappoint. ^^ unfortunately i’m not wearing much from any events this time besides C88 so you should be able to find everything at the mainstores i do believe a couple closed. i reaally need to get back into events but the finances just does not lay there for me. lol going to start using google calendar… no wait seraphim is better lol. okay enough babbling from me, have a good night all. ♥

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