Join Me.

Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.

– Chaim Potok

I have come back from the dead to offer you a cup of tea. No? How about some sake instead then. I do apologize for being ever so quiet, let’s just say real life is a bit more hectic lately. Surgeries, medical crap… but enough about me, I know you only came for the clothes and furniture.

Today marks the ending day for most of the February events. The bit that are ending today is Kurenai Asian Bi-monthly Event and Enchantment. So if you haven’t visited the events to get your exclusive items, some at exclusive prices that will go up in mainstore, go NOW! All the creativity in both of these events I’m just sad I didn’t organize enough time to show you all of them. But trust me many other bloggers did a good job which I’m sure you’ve already seen some. In this post I’ve actually have a lot of featured items, usually I try to plug in some gacha keys if need be but only one gacha this time. The rest is a lot of events and exclusive items.

Now I did show down below in the description of my blog the stockings I actually wanted to wear with this outfit. Unfortunately when it came to picture time, it felt a bit of too much of white with white everywhere. So I decided to show you some cute stockings that go with the outfit down below. It wasn’t too hard to find stockings to go with how high the garter is, so definitely find some you like.

With all this being said, I still have a lot of catching up to do! Soon as my real life calms back down I should be able to post a lot more again. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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ever seen the rabbit that was late, so late but oh so fashionably late? i caught a rare photo of the wild beast!

okay so, about this picture i am learning the best possible way to blog shoes without being boring? if that makes sense? as in i don’t want it to just be a catalog vendor picture like oh.. yeah.. heels. no no i want the magazine in your face omg what are those shoes? i have got to have em! if i can pull this off in a photo i think my sponsor Moda would be forever pleased, me included. i’m pretty sure it’s more interesting when you can pull it off in a shot you know? i’m still learning here and would love tips though. i am far from perfect and feel like i only just beguuun… to liiive. sorry… music influences me a lot lol in case you haven’t learned that from my early blogging days. also did uber always close so far into the month or was i just never closely paying attention could of sworn it would still be open or opened by now. ugh i must stop procrastinating on learning these events… but even seraphim gets overwhelming for me. xD which also reminds me i should head back to On9 to see what else is there besides these heels! 

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i just realized with easter sunday around the corner i just took a picture with a bunny. X3 i seriously didn’t plan that but i just had to point it out. others are probably like ‘pfft whatever, you know you did that on purpose #nicetry’. nah i keed… at least i hope no one thinks that way when reading my posts. o.O maybe i shouldn’t put this in there… <. < too late… too much to backspace now.

anywhooo, i actually was lucky enough to get to go inside the Pose Fair early before the big buy rush. (i didn’t know it would be this good… i didn’t bring enough money. .-.) it’s so fun to see the hands being used in poses now, i can sorta be lazy from time to time with all this now. i would overthink my whole look of the photo and forget to pose my hands every flippin time or when i do remember to i fck it up and it looks horrid. now i can blame the pose maker, haha! (i kid.) i also went shopping at Collabor88, fixed up my new sky platform and i am loving the dirt, the nature, the carrots, the rabbits. ahhh, good stuff i even have a cow named Betsy lol. ok… now to just cut it off short buuuut i’m cutting it off short. 😀 running out of things to say and starting to ramble is no good. ♥

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 lets call this a quick post because it was a total spur of the moment ordeal. didn’t plan it but i totally rolled with it lol. i finally got my crystal wand [legal use only] and decided to try it while sitting down. well it worked with my pose and one thing led to another and wallah! unicorn haze! name inspired by the windlight in which i am using by namiko, unicorn haze. if only i could remember the website url for it because they are freee and you just plug em in and woohoo! colors! i wish i could incorporate the color windlights she has but it changes the color sooo much i can’t really tell ya it will look the same on you ya know? but i love them! and i need spelling classes.. ♥

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