.140; glow.

to dance is to be out of yourself. larger, more beautiful, more powerful. this is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.

– Agnes de Mille

who’s ready for another round of, ‘rush to the front of the line to get that item!’? another limited event is here temporarily and we got a limited item in this post from there. this BACKDROP is limited to only 100 copies to be sold. there is a black and white version but the multicolor is on the chopping block of limited copies! i may have missed out on the last one but i didn’t miss out on this! ♥

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.132; your joking!

this is a unofficial blog post made for my Hair Fair Contest entry, i didn’t want to leave out any details just in case anyone may wonder where all the pieces of my outfit is from. i know a lot of times the photography photos don’t list what they’re wearing and i usually wanna know. XD i won’t explain the backstory to the outfit unless someone really wants to know. X3 but wish me luck! i hope to at least get 2nd or 3rd place, not even going to try for first. lol

thanks again to Whole Wheat for having such a creative sim to help me out. ♥

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