Take Me Out.

She eats takeout on china and serves champagne with pizza.

I do apologize for this will be a very short post. Well short as in I won’t babble as much as I usually do. I am still a bit tired, have been randomly these past couple of days. > < Hate when I get these little sleep spells, hinders on my blogging time lol.

Anywho, I’m trying to implement something new again on my posts, instead of just standing I thought it be better to show things off if my avi rotated as well. So I made a rotating gif this time and I hope it shows off even more what the designers have to offer. Lemme know if this is a bad idea, kay? I also was playing around with some colorful windlights, I don’t know why but I am in a reeeeally colorful mood lately lol. Anytime I can squeeze in some color I will. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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To build is to elevate the mentality of self and others around the self to add positive energy to Allah’s nation. To destroy is to ruin by allowing negativity to outweigh the positive.

I had the most bizarre inspiration to just go grayscale as I can without being too grayscale.. I think I did alright.. XD I was seriously curious what this backdrop meant so I had to google it. Came across many definitions but even though I don’t always like to rely on them UrbanDictionary actually had the most clear explanation. I hope it’s the right explanation… because I know how wikipedia AND urbandictionary have uses edit information. Anywho, I came across the name of Supreme Mathematics. My instant thought is wait it’s about numbers? o.O? So I had to click the link, curiosity killed this cat lol. “Despite its name, the Supreme Mathematics is not actual mathematics. It instead is a variety of numerology specific to the theology and philosophy of the Nation of Islam and the Nation of Gods and Earths.” Neeeever would’ve guessed that in a million years.. Never would of guessed learning something from a backdrop either.. o.o Not only is it a group gift but it’s a gift of knowledge. @.@ *mindblown* However if you want to know more about it you’re going to just have to get as curious as me and google yourself. ^-^

I finally made it to Collabor88 as well, in case you couldn’t tell. I think… I got everything I wanted, anyone else always miss like one dang item from an event and that said item just happens to be the item to take forever to be put in the mainstore? lol I have the worst luck sometimes. XD Or or it just never goes in the store… Going off track lol, I would like to request some more fingerless and finger gloves plox! I got mittens and sleeves but I need more! Yes, I can be greedy when it comes to accessories.. I blame fashion. ;3

I also felt it was my duty to mention that adored is having a Christmas Sale, 50L sale on select makeup as well as an advent calendar for the 25 days of Christmas! Who doesn’t love a cosmetic advent calendar? New gifts are released at 4pm slt everyday so make sure you don’t miss out on lipsticks! Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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I know who I am. I am not perfect. I’m not the most beautiful woman in the world. But I’m one of them.

– Mary J. Blige

LUMIPro has saved the day again with making a photo become more realistic when inside of a building. Especially when you’re home lacks big windows. XD Speaking of windlights, the pose set I’m using comes with a red hearts projector light to give you that red hot love look. I unfortunately forgot to show it off in this picture. ^^; I kinda wanna save it for whenever I do a dang couples pic with somebody. >. <

On the subject of the pose in question, it is at Tres Chic and today is the last day to get it I believe? Or does it close on the day of… hmmm… Well today is marked as the closing date of Tres Chic. I usually can still squeeze in and grab what I want before they close the sim off. Ninja style ya’know. 😉 Wishing you happy shopping. 

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quit squirmin’..

“It’s a small thing now, but it always ends with me wrestling an overly affectionate demon octopus or such.”

— Blade Bunny (explaining why she doesn’t want to do a simple favour for a dragon but fits the theme right? XD).
Okay, do you know how hard it is to blog tentacles without imagining some type of hentai involving tentacles in your head? Well this for me was a challenge… I was trying so hard not to be lewd because even though I can think it, I can’t properly execute it. XD So I know the whole lack of lewd here is probably saddening and I sorry! I hope it was still at least cute and made you want to get some of your own. XD Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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just get naked.

We are all born naked into this world, but each of us is fully clothed in potential.

– Emmitt Smith

So this is probably my most racy photo of the year so far. lol Umm I do like to look sexy but seldomly show it. A lot of times when I do try to do something sexy it’s usually a big flop or turns out adorable instead. >. < Doing this.. you know what? I like being cute lol, I blush a lot less. XD I love some exposing clothes.. .///. but I definitely need to learn how to photograph it. I might just be overthinking it like hell. XD But you know when you see some strappy heels, instant sexy. I shall call this my first full attempt at something sexy, especially since I had to use the magic of an emoji to keep me from blushing. XD Wishing you happy shopping as I try to find me some clothes to cover up. ♥

(explicit version on flickr. ♥)

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.129; blush?

“makeup should never be used to hide yourself. it should be used to enhance your natural beauty.”

– Kira Carl


i won’t lie when it comes to makeup it is like a strange object to me. you want me to take this brush and slap myself with it but not too hard or else i can end up looking like a old fashion rag doll with big red circles? that doesn’t seem too hard, SYKE! every time i even think about touching makeup i am intimidated lol. i have seen the magic released and transformations happen.. but when i try to unleash that magic it just raspberries on me. > < i will master you makeup, prepare to be dominated! ♥

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