If you do what you love, it is the best way to relax.

– Christian Louboutin

It is a relaxing time when stress has overcome your mind. I’m sure I probably grabbed many readers attention with my sudden complexion change, I know I did my friends lol. I wanted to become more diverse again as I think I’m starting to fall into a too comfort zone and like to branch out. So I do hope I execute this well enough for you to still be interested in my styling as well as the skintones I pick out from time to time. Everybody needs a little spice in their life right?

Well I got the chance to blog this really exquisite looking Iwaburo by Blossom that’s at the Kurenai event this round. It’s 15 land impact and the akse giver is 1Li, not too hefty and reasonable amount of prims. I wasn’t expecting it to have an animation where I am floating face down in the water. xD It instantly made me think of so many anime ecchi sauna scenes that usually has a guy end up face down in the water. There’s um… also another funny weird animation inside that I’ll leave you to find out but just know it’s hyperspeed. You can also check below in the details to find the face down animation I was talking about lols.

I also was given the opportunity to blog konpeitou again! This time with a revealing front and backside kimono. It was interesting seeing some of the lingerie and bikini combos I can throw underneath. >/w //< This kimono is to fit with aii’s nekomata ears and tails which I also have a clearer glimpse down below as to see why you need the tail at least. lols Finally something catered to a neko! \o/ This also can be found at the Kurenai event. Don’t be afraid to try something new, wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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At the end of the experiment, you will be baked and then there will be cake.


You know I hardly ever deal with a mirror… Like I’ve always wanted to but then be like how does it even work? I know there’s Mirror Water on SL but then you’re stuck near linden water. So I do apologize if my ps work is terribad, I tried. lol I even tried to do a little lipstick work on the mirror… I need to write on mirrors with lipstick more so I know exactly how it looks. XD Not too bad for a font that I can use anywhere though.

So I made a happy accident and found out that the new leggings by Blueberry toootally fits underneath Magma’s chain set. I saw a little space between my belly and chain so I was like I wonder if I can… add pants. I’d never say that in real life because death to all pants. But in this case it totally worked and if you are a bit bashful like me, you can add pants. Frickin’ neat discovery huh?

Just a little friendly rezzing information on the backdrop I used. You will need at least 225 prims available to rez this backdrop. I mention this just in case you are tight on prims like me. Shoot I usually only have 43 prims free just to open things. XD But I could NOT resist to blog this backdrop. I wanted to draw on the window so bad after I saw the pose Foxcity made. So both of these just went hand in hand and I’m so glad they melded! Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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A Golden Opportunity.

Don’t gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold.

– Bob Marley

Floating above your head, ever so high. A golden opportunity has just arrived. Reach out and grab one, don’t be shy. Now blow off the dust, go ahead take a bite… [made up by moi, ty ty. lol]

As the opening of Enchantment draws near, be prepared for a flock of Snow Whites to grace your presence. Me being me, I had to try and be different soooome way and -00- definitely helped me with that. With a baby doll dress version of Snow White I decided to leave the relaxer at home! And pull out the stick on mesh nails of Snow White and create… this little number I do not have a name for. lol Ta-da! Enchantment opens tomorrow so get those wallets ready. ^^

Many thanks are in order to LUMIPro for their fabulous lighting system. The windlight sun would peek through the leaves of the tree but just couldn’t lighten me up enough in the shadows. So if you try to take a picture under many big trees, don’t be afraid to use a lighting system to give a ‘natural light’ to yourself. Hope that little hack is helpful.

A big thank you to Storybrooke Garden for their beautiful enchanted forest. Was just what Snow White ordered to make a bunch of falling golden apples come to life. ♥

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Everything is Everything.

Where words fail, music speaks.

– Hans Christian Andersen

It is officially November 7th for me which means the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is now opeeen~! This round is very interesting, it had me at a lost for words but I already feel inspired. I don’t know why but I love steampunk, just can’t live in it, and there is some serious grunge to come out. Along with tons of cyber inspired memorabilia and accessories. It is such a pleasure to be part of the FGC crew again, starting to feel like the old me more and more over time. So be prepared for a lot of event posts, as if any different from normal. 😀

Thanks to Oh Deer for having such lovely decorated sim, was my first time visiting but hopefully not the last. Seen a lot of photo opportunities in certain spots. X3 Wishing you happy shopping.

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I know who I am. I am not perfect. I’m not the most beautiful woman in the world. But I’m one of them.

– Mary J. Blige

LUMIPro has saved the day again with making a photo become more realistic when inside of a building. Especially when you’re home lacks big windows. XD Speaking of windlights, the pose set I’m using comes with a red hearts projector light to give you that red hot love look. I unfortunately forgot to show it off in this picture. ^^; I kinda wanna save it for whenever I do a dang couples pic with somebody. >. <

On the subject of the pose in question, it is at Tres Chic and today is the last day to get it I believe? Or does it close on the day of… hmmm… Well today is marked as the closing date of Tres Chic. I usually can still squeeze in and grab what I want before they close the sim off. Ninja style ya’know. 😉 Wishing you happy shopping. 

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Ascending To Greater.

I’ll lift you and you lift me, and we’ll both ascend together.

– John Greenleaf Whittier

*sighs*You know what would be really great around this time? For someone to release more formal looking tuxedo tops and pantsuits for women. I miss tops like these where you dare to stand out with chivalry flair. With this top being mentioned, it is a big reason why I used a retired item for this outfit. These boots were meant to be with a formal outfit that comes with a skirt and tuxedo like top such as mine. I hope I can inspire a designer to bring back the style of flashy suits for women.

It’s been awhile since I took a trip to the old Chouchou. Was just what my outfit was asking for, I hope this sim never leaves. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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a glamour outsider.

In science fiction, we dream.

– Ray Bradbury

I literally just randomly teleported to this sim and was like… I sense… characters I know.. and lo’behold it was characters from Star Wars. > ///w//< Fangirl scream of the central here! I made an outfit and had no idea how to even work a background into it. Until this sim made me feel like a glamorous outsider, just like that it was set in stone for me. Now this is exactly from the notecard you’ll get when you land; “Botany Bay is unique among roleplaying sims and groups on second life.  We are a non-genre specific scifi roleplay sim. We welcome players and characters from all over the scifi ‘verse.” This sim is also a mature sci-fi roleplaying sim, so I don’t think you’ll have to worry about being creative with outfits. You gotta visit this place sometime even if you don’t want to roleplay, they put a lot of thought into this. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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