so i have been neglecting my blogger duties and i am so sorry for that. > < i just started a university rp and i wont lie i didn’t expect it to be so hard but i like it. it’s definitely challenging me when it comes to what i want to get better at which is photography. who am i kidding, i like taking scenery photos more so than catalog photos, however catalog photos are sooo much easier. a plain background and you know what the focus is. now i gotta fight a beautiful scene to make my outfit stand out. hopefully me getting back into photography will make me want to blog quicker. the details alone isn’t that bad to write down it’s just getting a good photo. and if you’ve been following my flickr you’ll know how many photos i’ve been uploading lately. XD i h0pe it pleases the eyes. ♥

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Sorry for not being so talkative this post, I am just super sleepy/tired from moving only one day. But boy was that something, it’s only part 1 of my moving in process and it was all big furniture. I am just working on my forearms dangit I am not ready to be moving solid wood furniture. x.x I didn’t want to forget about my post before I dive right back into moving things, unboxing, throwing away things. I’m sorry for the bad quality, I had thought the leaves would come out better but the texture itself of the tree was rather… before 2010? lol btw i forgot how i stumbled upon this sim, it is a RP sim but if you love oriental scenery, Kakushi Pasu is another really good one. ♥

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“How now, brown cow.”

i was suppose to look up what that means exactly, the first time I heard that saying was on Courage the Cowardly Dog when Eustace and Muriel was turned into puppets. alright ready to learn with me? “How now brown cow” (/ˈhaʊ ˈnaʊ ˈbraʊn ˈkaʊ/) is a phrase used in elocution teaching to demonstrate rounded vowel sounds. huh… interesting I didn’t know that because my own teachers didn’t really use it at all lol. kinda wish i learned this in school so i understood it more. >:x darn limitations. anywho my butt finally got into N-TwentyOne but now i am forever locked out of Uber. >< which is ok, i get to enjoy my money for a few more days. i like logging in and the balance not be 25L. 😀 then i quietly mourn it’s loss for whenever i can get into Uber. i did spend a little bit over at the Lost & Found though because uh hello? smaller bunny ears? yes please. btw there’s no point in the cow i just like cows and giraffes, but i’m not tall enough to take a picture of a giraffe that wont kneel down. XD ♥

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so what made you want to become a blogger?

since my first episode of watching America’s Next Top Model I wanted to feel as pretty. I couldn’t pull it off in person thanks to my genes, lol. So in 2010 I saw a blog post by this random blogger and was like… I can do that? I can take pictures and list things and people may like it? I mean I love making outfits so much I change about 15x in an hour because I keep getting inspired by things until I look like a hot mess. lol then I would calm my mind, listen to music and let it flow. sometimes mary jane helped me a little bit too much and I felt like Peter and Lois from Family Guy when they thought they could sing at the talent show but they was so high. yeah, i get those moments I cannot lie lol. I look at one of my own posts and then I’m like okay no more smoking while listening to rave music or something. I do take my blogging seriously unfortunately I may have taken it more seriously then my own health. paying for it now but it wont stop me from trying to be better then I am now and later on. fashion, art, music.. it is the sole reason i love living. without those i don’t know who i am. i know i’m not the best, nor do i think i’m good or even great. but i got drive and confidence oh and support! i cannot forget the support that i get that keeps me going and smiling. i don’t know why i made this a post lol. umm yeah… hehe thats why i became a blogger. to pursue my fashion dream. any other bloggers dare tell the public why they blog? 😀 ♥

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could i look anymore awkward in front of a camera? my friend talked me into posing next to the kitten for likes and follows on instagram… i don’t know why i let her talk me into doing it, i was just suppose to babysit the little thing. now i’m forever framed in a picture of awkwardness.


thanks for reading. ^^ details are inside. ♥

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