Strange Sunset.

All strange and terrible events are welcome, but comforts we despise.

– Cleopatra

Today marks the day, in Japan, for the Kurenai event to begin! You can expect the TP gates to fly open at 06:59(PDT). Until that time arrives, I have another quick sneak peek of what to expect at this Final Round of Kurenai.

It’s been a long while since I have blogged something from this designer.. Good times with them on my old blog curvethedulce, good times. But I never thought they’d actually try their hands in making hair! And it’s super cute I might add. With some minimal edits I did need to tint their browns darker for me to wear. But look how flippin’ cue these flowers are in the hair? Not to mention the braid tails. Talk about a nice surprise.

By the way, about this fan.. Yes it comes with a bento animation to fan yourself buuut it’s not a high high priority so you can edit the fan with your animare! 😀 This is a nice point to point out for fellow bloggers because sometimes you cannot edit the pose built into an object which can be frustrating. But here, that’s not the case here! You can also click the fan to restart the fanning animation which is also really helpful for not breaking position. This is a gacha with I think.. No rares, seems to be all common so a fair share in every pull. 😀

There’s also a good amount of nail polishes for the final round! I made sure to get a nice close up of these nails in a separate picture. Mainly because I could not animate my arm well enough to pull off a yawn and show. I did try though lol! Anywho, these nails include 5 colors. Really neat part is that the designer took the time to change up the nails to include a very nice pattern on your middle finger. My favorite thing about these nails is that they apply to both fingers AND toes! I always need my toenails to match, so I am thrilled that it applied to both.

Guess who else I was able to squeeze into this post? One of my sponsors! And if you couldn’t guess, yes the sponsored item is the really cute knotted dress. Unlike the other maxi dresses that touch your feet, this is more ankle friendly with any foot shape. I could walk in shallow water without worrying about the dress touching the water height. But of course I always have a gif included below to show you the exact length. Now this dress isn’t available for you to get juuust yet. It’s going to be in the August round of Mesh Body Addicts! So lookie there, two previews in one. X3

Welp, I think I blabbed enough! Wishing you all happy shopping when these events finally open. ♥

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After a visit to the beach, it’s hard to believe that we live in a material world.

– Pam Shaw

Today I was able to get out early, go outside and feel that sun on my face. Then the sun settled on my jeans and my legs began to burn and sweat and then I realized why I stay inside.

At least in SL I don’t have to worry about sunburns, unless I want to, or sand up my shorts. (I’d never want that lol.) Speaking of, it was very much time to show off this really cute baewatch outfit. No I did not choose the beach because it is called baewatch. I actually didn’t even realize it until now lol. Anywho, this cute yet sexy outfit comes in 3 different Top versions (solid, hustle print & girls squad print) for each color, shorts are just plain colors. Fatpack is of course 30 colors each, top and bottom. This is a mainstore release so you won’t have to worry about me sending you off to a busy event lol. Speaking of, I spent waaay too much money at the Crystal Heart Festival. > < But I cannot wait to create some looks and ideas with what I bought. 😀 I think the sun actually tired me out more than I thought. I shall bid thee a good shopping spree now while I go re-energize. ♥

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Leaving the mind behind is the best experience most feeble minds fear to try.

Gotta love when your outfit shines just as bright as you do. When you wear this definitely have to wear some type of light just to see how nicely it shines in advanced lighting and reflects the light. Yes it’s shiny without advanced lighting on but if you have like a light pet like the one in my picture when it circles…. It’s so neat. It makes me want to stay in advanced lighting 24/7 just to see that light glide across the fabric. I wanted to wear the clear latex version of this lingerie so bad but decided to keep it PG. [Yaay me, not. lol] It comes in 9 solid colors and 2 clear latexs, collar is sold separately. A helpful tint there is some alphaing with the lingerie and collar for clear latex option, so beware of front hairs that has alpha on them. My belly button piercing has an alpha shadow that makes it glitch away a bit which you can see in the gif below. So you might see some of your lingerie disappear like everything in SLs layering. Not the designers fault but LL.

I plan for this day to be a very busy day for me while I feel the creative flow running through me. Let’s just hope all this random sudden energy doesn’t bite me in the butt later. XD Wishing you shopping. ♥

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Morning Glow.

A great figure or physique is nice, but it’s self-confidence that makes someone really sexy.

– Vivica A. Fox

Apologieees for being so quietly lately. I am truly sorry as my sleeping schedule slowly falls more and more out of my hands. But do know I miss blogging terribly! Every time I glimpse at my FB or Flickr (all ninja like in between naps) I see all these new products and all the inspiration overwhelms me… Then my body is just like nope, bed. I am truly grateful and happy for those of you whom stick with my random postings and awkward silences. It really does mean a lot to me. ♥ ♥

Does it show that I, myself do not take selfies and am an amateur at taking them even in SecondLife? I definitely should try and take more selfies in real life and sl because I feel as a blogger I should be better at this dammit! Hopefully you can see past the awkwardness and get enticed by something I’m wearing.

Alright, on to what you came to this post for! I actually made the boobie pawprints myself because I am still debating on getting some irl but completely unsure of it. I never had a tattoo before and hopefully this will help me get either some good feedback or bad and lemme know not to do it or go for it! Lols Just thought I’d explaining why you won’t see where these pawprints are from.

This top by Blueberry… ugh.. It was like a prayer being answered.. I don’t know how.. I didn’t even feel like I needed a shirt but I put this on and I was like.. I need this shirt. The textures are just so phenomenal and I always love all the colors Mishi offers, however one day I hope for a more vivid red perhaps?… hmm? ♥ ♥ lols.

Applier lovers spotlight time! ! ! I am actually wearing some applier panties in this blog post. It comes in two options, either low waisted like I took in the picture or highwaisted. Comes in 7 color options, the part that changes color is the crotch fabric. ♥ lols By the way, this cannot go without mention. This necklace right here, I think is my favorite choker in a while that is metal. And I actually really digged that stacked necklace I have by Cynful but this necklace just feels so edgy yet elegant and I love it. The earrings paired with it was actually a really nice touch and I usually don’t care for crosses. So kudos aye!

I wish I had the time to type out about every piece of clothing and accessory I am wearing that just made this picture come to life. But I think I would probably bore you to death, make you think I’m a booty licker and probably just skip all the way to the last paragraph anyways. So I’ll cut it short here and keep it sweet lols. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Look What You Made Me Do.

I work with the devil, young man. If you imprison me you’ll remember it to your dying day. Don’t play with the forces of evil.

– Anujka de Poshtonja (Anna Pistova)


LUMIPro was used in this picture to make it so I can still show the detail in the shoe. Sure I got shadows to work in my favor but it was also making the heels dark as well. XD So I added on the good ol LUMIPro lighting and had to make it subtle as ever just so I can still get the heels to pop. Just a little tip I thought I’d share.

A new round of Kinky just started and there is a special price on these heels I’m wearing. If you’d like them without the blood there’s always the originals there too. I couldn’t help that these bloody heels and me listening to Taylor Swift totally inspired this song. I don’t know the exact imagery the song was suppose to give but it totally gave me this when I first heard it. Best freaking time to come up with this idea since it’s ooooone more day til Halloween. This month was filled with a lot of inspirational items, don’t think my wallet has ever been so empty. I’m going to have some fun trying to blog everything I bought this month alone lol. It’s just gonna have to spill into November. XD

I think the one thing I like about this picture is that I can apply any kind of story to this picture. It could be a stripper who was jipped or a love deprived wife who caught her husband cheating… It could be so many things and I love that. X3 Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Breaking Rules.

Fashion is the only game you can win by breaking the rules.

Here is my little announcement of GizzA getting ready to start over basically, in case you didn’t already know. All the items shall be retired as the designer starts anew with the brand name GIZ SEORN. Apparently if you join before the sale is done there is a surprise awaiting inside the group. If I did my math right, tomorrow is the end of the sale or the last day, depending on how he does it. So if you haven’t already taken advantage of the 50-75% sale at GizzA you better round up and hurry!

With that being said, the one event that makes me have to pull my money out fast and in a hurry if I don’t want to miss out on something big… Limit8. This white backdrop is a limit8 exclusive, oh yes the limit is so on. Mind you there is the other option to buy the non limited colorful edition with 5 colors. But if you wanted this white one, I hope you beat the rush. Best part is it being land impact light, with my little land that’s very important to me lol. I can’t do sandboxes all the time. XD Actually now that I think about it I think I need to go back to Limit8 real quick… Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Harmony in Autumn.

There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!

– Percy Bysshe Shelley

Full bloom is here in this picture it could almost make you weep. 😉 After a bit of sponsor love I wanted to revisit my autumn home and show it a little bit more lovings. (Thinking of changing it again soon.) See, lookie there I even cut a heart into a leaf to show my love for the Fall season. I just wish my house heat would keep me warm when I run out of tea. X3

Howeva! In SecondLife I feel no chill so let the my dress have holes! ♥ Makes it feel more like a knitted sweater to me, that and the texturing. Speaking of texturing, have you seen the texture on this dress?! Don’t let the render ads shoo you away from a really good dress. I’ve seen recently more people don’t want to buy ads that are rendered. All I have to say to that is DEMO! As long as there is a demo there’s no reason to complain. I can never stress enough to demo everything I’m wearing and I do mean everything. I can preach the quality but it all comes down to your own tastes. ♥

Okay, so, dress aside let’s talk about this wig of mine. It’s been patiently sitting in my inventory waiting for me to blog it. I have to say it’s one of my favorite hairs I really love cute bobs! And this one just lifts my spirits up. I could not wait to frame it on my blog.

I just realized how much I just typed your eyes off to read but I’m going to try something different from now on. Get back to my old blogging roots of when I started back on curvethedulce. I’m going to highlight 2-3 items per blog post from now on. Sort of give a spotlight to some items that really helped me create a look. I’m also hoping it gives an interesting read as well. lol I hope everyone enjoys this change as much as I will typing it. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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