If you ever wanted more body rolls with a random bawse kick thrown in, then this is the pack for you. Now this one almost threw me for a loop because it has its slow moments, its medium moments and sometimes just for fun it throws a fast roll my way. This pack is just a bundle of surprises, little bit of break dances thrown in with those sexy hip moves you’d have to demo to see what I mean. I did however find a few songs that actually went well with mixture thrown at you. Just a few I can list right now would be TAEMIN- MOVE, MONSTA X – Jealousy and NCT U ‘Baby Don’t Stop’. This dance pack is at the Access event, I actually never been to this event. I must remember to visit and see what all is there. o .o Don’t sleep on this lovelies! Wishing you happy shopping.


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Hehe, I finally got my hands on a dance that is not for medium to slow tempo songs. I mean this dance alone is making it work with an old fav Jim Screechie – Spice. Now when I say it’s not medium to slow, must be going medium to fast instead! Everyone wants some dances they can be dancing in the club with and this is one of those packs. Giving a bit of sass and attitude along with being sensual all tied together. Ugh this dance is so good it even goes with my new obsession song, HYOLYN – Dally(달리) (feat. GRAY). I’m just making a list of all the vlogs I’m going to need to fork out to some of these nice dances. Oh! So tied up into the dances I almost forgot lols, this is not a mainstore release but this pack is gracing Shiny Shabby! Make sure you try this out with some good tempo songs, you’ll see. Wishing you happy shopping.


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Alert! We have a mainstore release! Which means no tping to a laggier sim to try out some dances! So I actually liked Chun Li is it my favorite over Barbie Tingz? Close but Barbie Tingz will always win with that walking intro of Nicki. XD So when I saw they made a dance pack for Chun, I knew I would be able to use this with a few songs. The song alone is a medium faster tempo than some of the releases lately so it becomes universal right then because of it. This dance pack definitely has a ‘don’t fuck with me’ vibe when you dance. This dance can be a definite group dance for some bad bishes. Me, myself, I can make this dance work with my kpop faves so it’s always a bonus for me. Like I can dance along to EXO-CBX ‘Horololo’, GD X TAEYANG – GOOD BOY and (Block B) – Shall We Dance. I always have some kpop days, hehe this is one of them. I like to broaden that musical heart of yours, even if some of the songs I pick are older. Wishing you happy shopping.


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Now if this isn’t the booty shaking most wanted to be able to do for certain songs, than you just can’t be pleased! This is some definitely some fine twerking since the whole twerk episode of 2012 and everyone was busting out with twerk dances or twerk attire. lol I still have some of those old twerk dances but I think I can retire them now.

You can find this dance pack at the Blush event. These dances are really good with physics and better with a sking body maybe even the hourglass but don’t quote me. With both those on your butt will jiggle and it will be like yaaasss. I know the sking has butt physics but I also know that maitreya does not. :< Still looks good without but even BETTER with. Just a little thought you might wanna know bit.

Now this pack is not for the full out whine like some other ones, no no only certain parts are somewhat faster but nowhere near whining status. lols Think more of a subtle but I know what I’m doing kind of twerk; you don’t go over the top but you still shake it. You’d be better off with a medium fast tempo or even a medium tempo. Too fast and you might find yourself to miss some beats hehe. These are the songs I suggest that are best for this dance besides Beez in the Trap would be Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin – I Like It… Actually it’s kinda funny the more I play that song the more it seems like this song was meant for this song too! XD I know I should list some more songs but dangit it goes so well with this song. I feel like I might have to prove this with a vlog post very soon. Oh my gosh even Floswik x Jessi – Wet goes well with this dance too. (Yes that song is like my anthem, lemme lone! lol). It also reeeally works with Migos – Walk It Talk It ft. Drake, if you haven’t seen the video you are soooo missing out. XD They are seriously cranking out these dances. I have so many more dances to show off and review, I hope I can keep up! Wishing you happy shopping. ♥



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You must not sleep on this pack right here! This pack looks to be the most fun original dance lately. Definitely good for songs with a medium tempo with random slow moments thrown in. As we speak I am looking this dance over and seeing what songs go best for it. So far my discoveries has proven what I mentioned earlier. Long as the song is not too slow but has some random slow moments in it, works the best. I’ll have to make a list of some songs but just to throw out there; Leftside Ft. Konshens – Clap Dat, Birthday (Remix) – Jay Park (feat. Ugly Duck, Woodie Gochild & Hoody) and Willow Smith – Wait a Minute. I also found that having rap in the song makes it even more fun! I still have my Pony video to work out but this just might be made into a vlog sooner than the other. Because this is very fun with alternative. This pack can be found at the mainstore, yup no events this time! So you won’t have to fight for a spot on the sim. lols Wishing you happy shopping. ♥



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With all the events happening in SL, I almost forget just how many events are going and for how long. lol Sure I use Seraphim every great now and then but sometimes even they lack the info I need. (SOMETIMES!) With that being said I already proved what I stated earlier because I totally forgot I haven’t even been to the Equal10 event yet! Oh my gosh and Limit8 has been open for a while? I am so slacking in the get in get out biz. Anywho this motion pack original, Pony, can be found at the Equal10 event. And if you can’t guess by the name, yaass this dance pack is made to go so well with the song Pony by Ginuwine. Hehe, if only I had some male friends I’d totally cast them for when I make vlog for this dance pack. I might have a challenge on my hands seeing what other songs I can find that this can go with but if I don’t expect a fun filled vlog soon! Until then, wishing you happy shopping. ♥



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Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.

– H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Took me a day and some change to finish everything but I like to keep my promises. ♥ I even got my bestie, Cat, to join me in this vlog so I didn’t feel so self centered this time. lol However, I realized it is more fo a challenge to have more than one person in a video with you. I am so glad the SL gods were on my side this night and kept her rezzed throughout this recording. You’ll realize I’m still a bit amateurish in my moves and such but I think I did ok for working by hands. If anyone has some neato camming tips, I’d be much obliged! my hand can only move around so slow on BD. Remember, this is at the seasons story event!

Now about my skimpy version of the cheeky shorts fishnets.  Just like on the shorts version you have the option of high waist fishnet or low waist. Animated sparkle colors if you want with the option of low and extreme glow options. This set even comes with a cute crew top as well as the panties and the top have paisley options as well as solid colors. The pearls on the fishnet can be hidden as well as the panties but not the fishnet. :3 Both versions can be found at the event down in the details. Wishing you happy shopping.  ♥

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