Morning Glow.

A great figure or physique is nice, but it’s self-confidence that makes someone really sexy.

– Vivica A. Fox

Apologieees for being so quietly lately. I am truly sorry as my sleeping schedule slowly falls more and more out of my hands. But do know I miss blogging terribly! Every time I glimpse at my FB or Flickr (all ninja like in between naps) I see all these new products and all the inspiration overwhelms me… Then my body is just like nope, bed. I am truly grateful and happy for those of you whom stick with my random postings and awkward silences. It really does mean a lot to me. ♥ ♥

Does it show that I, myself do not take selfies and am an amateur at taking them even in SecondLife? I definitely should try and take more selfies in real life and sl because I feel as a blogger I should be better at this dammit! Hopefully you can see past the awkwardness and get enticed by something I’m wearing.

Alright, on to what you came to this post for! I actually made the boobie pawprints myself because I am still debating on getting some irl but completely unsure of it. I never had a tattoo before and hopefully this will help me get either some good feedback or bad and lemme know not to do it or go for it! Lols Just thought I’d explaining why you won’t see where these pawprints are from.

This top by Blueberry… ugh.. It was like a prayer being answered.. I don’t know how.. I didn’t even feel like I needed a shirt but I put this on and I was like.. I need this shirt. The textures are just so phenomenal and I always love all the colors Mishi offers, however one day I hope for a more vivid red perhaps?… hmm? ♥ ♥ lols.

Applier lovers spotlight time! ! ! I am actually wearing some applier panties in this blog post. It comes in two options, either low waisted like I took in the picture or highwaisted. Comes in 7 color options, the part that changes color is the crotch fabric. ♥ lols By the way, this cannot go without mention. This necklace right here, I think is my favorite choker in a while that is metal. And I actually really digged that stacked necklace I have by Cynful but this necklace just feels so edgy yet elegant and I love it. The earrings paired with it was actually a really nice touch and I usually don’t care for crosses. So kudos aye!

I wish I had the time to type out about every piece of clothing and accessory I am wearing that just made this picture come to life. But I think I would probably bore you to death, make you think I’m a booty licker and probably just skip all the way to the last paragraph anyways. So I’ll cut it short here and keep it sweet lols. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to me, to us! it’s everyone’s birthday long as it’s two Sagis birthdays.

Happy Birthday to me! Yesterday was my SL daughters birthday (to the left of me) and my besties’ son’s birthday (right). So as you can see I’m fully surrounded by Sagittariuses, soon we shall rule the world with our weirdness and mood swings. \o/ I’m really just making this into a post so you can see my excuse for not blogging today. lol I’m celebratin’ my birthday! Thanks to my beautiful, sweet daughter for this impromptu birthday photo op. I’ve never had one before! Really warms up my Grinch-y heart. ♥ I’m only listing decor because this wasn’t goin to be a blog post. So don’t expect LMs but you can at least know the name of the items used. :3 Have a happy day on my birthday! ♥

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that scent..

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

– Albert Camus

I’ve been waiting so long for fall to come, weather finally showing the signs of the slight chill rolling in. Heck I’m more excited for next month because of all the events about to open in October. And speaking of events, Hairology is 8 days into a new event and will end on the 30th as always but just a reminder. The Chapter Four and Hidden Four will be ending soon as well on the 25th if I did my math right since it stays open for 3 weeks. Keep in mind these events are included in this post and hopefully knowing the deadline will help you know how much longer you can hold out. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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could i look anymore awkward in front of a camera? my friend talked me into posing next to the kitten for likes and follows on instagram… i don’t know why i let her talk me into doing it, i was just suppose to babysit the little thing. now i’m forever framed in a picture of awkwardness.


thanks for reading. ^^ details are inside. ♥

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