Contemporary Fall.

Let’s forget the baggages of the past and make a new beginning.

— Shehbaz Sharif

So I’ve decided to not take on anymore sponsors.. At this day and age in SL, bloggers are no longer unique.. The styles slowly become the same, as well as requirements most want bloggers to follow. To me.. this hinders my creativity.. Takes away all the fun in blogging and literally turns it into a job where you only get paid what designers decide to give you.. Many times what you are given.. is against your own style yet you have to try and make it work in someway.. Well no more for me. I have lost my passion in blogging and am determined to get it back. The sponsors that decide to stay with me..  I feel have never tried to dwindle my creativity, no matter how un-explainable some of posts are lol. I miss the random creativeness in SL without the competition of trying to stay the best or in the spotlight. With these changes I hope I’ll get back to posting as much as I use to besides just dance reviews.

Oh! Speaking of dances, I was accepted as MOVE! blogger! So be prepared for even more diverse dances. So diverse it might be a bit harder for me to pair songs with some dances because they are definitely club dances. Just dancing to whatever beat comes on. If there is one thing I will forever be passionate about is dances. Fashion changes and not always for the good but no one can turn down some good dances, right? XD 

Huzzah! For it finally being Fall as well, that will definitely trap me inside this house more mainly because it will be cold outside. XD But that also means I wont have to worry about bugging nail designers for mesh toes because it will be sneaks and boots season again! If you do happen to have me on FB, you’ll notice I keep asking nail designers to make some mesh toenails for these fingernails they be making. lols I don’t know if it’s just me but it irritates me so much when I have these fly nails.. but my toes.. my toes.. I can’t get them to match. XD Who the heck stares at only their fingers and don’t think about toes..Beats me but I will always be asking this question every time I see some nail releases  so you might see me in the comments! XD

I’ll probably be the only person who feels this way by the way.. but I actually liked this year of Hair Fair.. I saw some comments where people were saying oh it’s sp awful.. It’s like South meets West.. blah blah.. Yet I feel all the other hair fairs.. lacked ethnic diversity in hair.. This round we have more of it and I realize how most who wear nothing but straight or wavy hair is the ones complaining the most.. It bothers me none but just thought I’d point out some things while looking about on SLFB. So if you haven’t been to this round of Hair Fair yet, the sims have finally let some leg room and you should be able to get in with no problem! Although I must admit, I was sad there wasn’t many futuristic hairs this time but either way I got a few good wigs to last me.. a week? XD

I might also, if you haven’t noticed already, begin to post my honest opinions MORE about things I see.. deal with on SL along with sharing my photos. Of course, if you don’t care to know you can always just look at my hard work and ignore these words. But just forewarning, don’t expect me sugarcoat things, I’m not willy wonka. And what I post here is how I feel at this moment, I might be a bit wiser the next day and change my views but for now as you read this.. This is how I feel at this moment about certain things. Taking my blog back and making it fully mine, have a blog to be proud of and give unbiased opinions. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥ (o_ _)ノ彡☆

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Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.

– H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Took me a day and some change to finish everything but I like to keep my promises. ♥ I even got my bestie, Cat, to join me in this vlog so I didn’t feel so self centered this time. lol However, I realized it is more fo a challenge to have more than one person in a video with you. I am so glad the SL gods were on my side this night and kept her rezzed throughout this recording. You’ll realize I’m still a bit amateurish in my moves and such but I think I did ok for working by hands. If anyone has some neato camming tips, I’d be much obliged! my hand can only move around so slow on BD. Remember, this is at the seasons story event!

Now about my skimpy version of the cheeky shorts fishnets.  Just like on the shorts version you have the option of high waist fishnet or low waist. Animated sparkle colors if you want with the option of low and extreme glow options. This set even comes with a cute crew top as well as the panties and the top have paisley options as well as solid colors. The pearls on the fishnet can be hidden as well as the panties but not the fishnet. :3 Both versions can be found at the event down in the details. Wishing you happy shopping.  ♥

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Oya, Mother, gentle breeze, screaming whirlwind, all of these. Bring your winds of change to me. Mercifully, gently sweep me free from the folly surrounding me.

Oya is a Great Yoruban Orisha. She is the goddess of Storms and Winds, and Her realm ranges from rainbows to thunder.  Her name means “She Who Tore” in Yoruba.  She can manifest as winds ranging from the gentlest breeze to the raging hurricane or cyclone. With all that is happening in the world, maybe giving a shine to Oya will make some of the weather soothe. (She also likes purple and I reeeally like purple, especially after wearing this dress.) I actually found out about Oya just searching goddesses who like purple. She was the top one and almost the only one on the first page and I liked her biography/tales. thank you Devin 1 & 2 for the beautiful scenery, think this is a rare moment for me to have a background this nice in sl. X3 Wishing you happy shopping.♥

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okay i may have fibbed just a bit in my last post, THIS is my last picture style layout for my blog. i’m going to be changing it up more so i can try and test my photography skills some more. so far this new process is annoying, frustrating and i want to pull my hair out but it just makes it all the better when i get’er done. lol anyone can take a clear pic now-a-days but i want to try and do the whole picturesque deal. NOW, if you see this layout style come right back up it is because i failed miserably, cried a couple days then gave up. i am all self taught here so i am trying to push my limits. but sometimes i got deadlines before my limits so i have to say f* it if need be and do the comfortable layout. some feedback would be nice on this issue because i really don’t know whether i’m trying to leave a good thing or doing something better. buuut i’m usually shy about these type of things plus trying to get a poll to see what my viewers think. I mean whats a blogger without viewers lol.


i don’t have any event previews this time, this is pretty much a ‘let’s hurry and catch up before you are forgotten again’ post. lol last thing i want to be is forgotten or boring. ♥

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so what made you want to become a blogger?

since my first episode of watching America’s Next Top Model I wanted to feel as pretty. I couldn’t pull it off in person thanks to my genes, lol. So in 2010 I saw a blog post by this random blogger and was like… I can do that? I can take pictures and list things and people may like it? I mean I love making outfits so much I change about 15x in an hour because I keep getting inspired by things until I look like a hot mess. lol then I would calm my mind, listen to music and let it flow. sometimes mary jane helped me a little bit too much and I felt like Peter and Lois from Family Guy when they thought they could sing at the talent show but they was so high. yeah, i get those moments I cannot lie lol. I look at one of my own posts and then I’m like okay no more smoking while listening to rave music or something. I do take my blogging seriously unfortunately I may have taken it more seriously then my own health. paying for it now but it wont stop me from trying to be better then I am now and later on. fashion, art, music.. it is the sole reason i love living. without those i don’t know who i am. i know i’m not the best, nor do i think i’m good or even great. but i got drive and confidence oh and support! i cannot forget the support that i get that keeps me going and smiling. i don’t know why i made this a post lol. umm yeah… hehe thats why i became a blogger. to pursue my fashion dream. any other bloggers dare tell the public why they blog? 😀 ♥

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