Taynara vol.3.

I remember having the non-bento version of this and always wondered just how they could animate the fingers if they ever made it bento. Just found out there was a bento version of Taynara and I just had to try them out.
Taynara definitely lives up to staying that energetic club girl who isn’t afraid to steal the dance floor away from you. Now when I say energetic, definitely expect to DANCE about. You wont do a little shuffle in place, oh no, you become the club queen with these dances. Your familiar with the dance floor and let everyone know. XD
I actually found a few songs to work with the se dances but I would have to say I really liked how it melded with Zico – Artist. It instantly sold me because of course if you can make me dance to my favorite songs I’ll love ya forever lols. Of course, these dances are at the mainstore so definitely give a whirl. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥

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I have stumbled across a pack that has finally stumped me again! I didn’t expect it to be as hard but I think I deciphered it.
I actually find these dances to work with rave songs or ones you would do some good cardio with. The ONE song I found to fit this completely besides the song Safoda that it’s based off is Bamboleo Remix. However I also found Ummet Ozcan – Cocoon and Richard Durand – Into Something to work good with these dance packs and give a better meaning of the type of music I mean.
No long waiting lines, no trying to push your way into an event to test em, these are actually at the mainstore! Wishing you happy shopping and dancing.


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Take A Moment.

Life is short, and if we enjoy every moment of every day, then we will be happy no matter what happens or what changes along the way.

— Gretchen Bleiler

Apologies for not having much to say this time.. I do love having at least a paragraph here for you to read.. But I find myself a bit lost for words.. just sort of making up things as I go. Well.. I could at least freaking gush about ItGirls new body appliers and how much I have fallen back into their skin grace.. Or how I love this flipping shrug that Cynnful is hosting at an event.. But for now.. I needs rest! Thanks again to Backdrop City! I didn’t even know there was an elevator/apartment backdrop!

Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Contemporary Fall.

Let’s forget the baggages of the past and make a new beginning.

— Shehbaz Sharif

So I’ve decided to not take on anymore sponsors.. At this day and age in SL, bloggers are no longer unique.. The styles slowly become the same, as well as requirements most want bloggers to follow. To me.. this hinders my creativity.. Takes away all the fun in blogging and literally turns it into a job where you only get paid what designers decide to give you.. Many times what you are given.. is against your own style yet you have to try and make it work in someway.. Well no more for me. I have lost my passion in blogging and am determined to get it back. The sponsors that decide to stay with me..  I feel have never tried to dwindle my creativity, no matter how un-explainable some of posts are lol. I miss the random creativeness in SL without the competition of trying to stay the best or in the spotlight. With these changes I hope I’ll get back to posting as much as I use to besides just dance reviews.

Oh! Speaking of dances, I was accepted as MOVE! blogger! So be prepared for even more diverse dances. So diverse it might be a bit harder for me to pair songs with some dances because they are definitely club dances. Just dancing to whatever beat comes on. If there is one thing I will forever be passionate about is dances. Fashion changes and not always for the good but no one can turn down some good dances, right? XD 

Huzzah! For it finally being Fall as well, that will definitely trap me inside this house more mainly because it will be cold outside. XD But that also means I wont have to worry about bugging nail designers for mesh toes because it will be sneaks and boots season again! If you do happen to have me on FB, you’ll notice I keep asking nail designers to make some mesh toenails for these fingernails they be making. lols I don’t know if it’s just me but it irritates me so much when I have these fly nails.. but my toes.. my toes.. I can’t get them to match. XD Who the heck stares at only their fingers and don’t think about toes..Beats me but I will always be asking this question every time I see some nail releases  so you might see me in the comments! XD

I’ll probably be the only person who feels this way by the way.. but I actually liked this year of Hair Fair.. I saw some comments where people were saying oh it’s sp awful.. It’s like South meets West.. blah blah.. Yet I feel all the other hair fairs.. lacked ethnic diversity in hair.. This round we have more of it and I realize how most who wear nothing but straight or wavy hair is the ones complaining the most.. It bothers me none but just thought I’d point out some things while looking about on SLFB. So if you haven’t been to this round of Hair Fair yet, the sims have finally let some leg room and you should be able to get in with no problem! Although I must admit, I was sad there wasn’t many futuristic hairs this time but either way I got a few good wigs to last me.. a week? XD

I might also, if you haven’t noticed already, begin to post my honest opinions MORE about things I see.. deal with on SL along with sharing my photos. Of course, if you don’t care to know you can always just look at my hard work and ignore these words. But just forewarning, don’t expect me sugarcoat things, I’m not willy wonka. And what I post here is how I feel at this moment, I might be a bit wiser the next day and change my views but for now as you read this.. This is how I feel at this moment about certain things. Taking my blog back and making it fully mine, have a blog to be proud of and give unbiased opinions. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥ (o_ _)ノ彡☆

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Just like the name of this dance pack implies… be ready for a lot of booty lol… But wuh oh another limited and already gone dance pack in our mist. Of course even though the fatpack is gone you only missed out on the chance to save a little linden. But there is still the option to just get those single dances! The dances can be found at Limit8 where there is also a little gift waiting for you there too. I don’t know if you’ll be able to get the single dances once the event is over and these are reaaallly good dances.. With that being said. let’s get on to what these dances are reaally about. So you don’t miss out on the singles while the event is still going.
One thing I found out about these dances is that they are definitely best for those hip hop r&b somewhat type songs. Or you can twerk it to some of them strip club bangers, you know the ones I mean. Those songs that make you want to twerk.. or just makes you feel sexy while rapping along. These dances are originals that were created while listening to Blac Youngsta – Booty. I found a couple of songs that give that same feel of course one of them features Blac haha. First one I found was Gunna- Top Off following with Blac Youngsta x Quavo – Come Thru.
Of course I also found out that the song Booty is a 144bpm song.. so if you find any song that has the same beat consistency and you could dance for hours with any pack I showcase. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥

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As much as I don’t care for the music because I swear it is some weird gibberish… XD At least I LOVE the dances Sync’d made for the song. Better yet, wait until you see all the songs I found to work with these dances,,, It was so weird yet awesome lmao!
Lets take a trip back in time.. bring out some good ol school bops that work with these dances. lol I bet you would of never guessed that The Romantics – What i Like About You works suuuper nice! As well as the upbeat song Pharrell Williams – Happy, Taylor Swift – Shake it Off. And last but certainly not least… OutKast – Hey Ya!.
Now this fatpack.. was a limited item at the last months Limit8 event.. However, if there is still some left over you can definitely buy out all the single dances… Which most don’t do very much. So you can hopefully find some of the single dances still try try and buy at the mainstore though. 😀 Wishing you happy shopping and dancing.

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You know SL is becoming more fun when we finally have dances for the song This Is America. Especially since this dance is COMPLETELY unisex. I’m actually surprised at how nice these dances are, I mean I didn’t expect less coming from Sync’d but man. o.o They definitely put their own spin on it but man if these moves aint dope as hell.. Just a little problem I’m having..
You know how the song This is America is, if not just click the name to see the video yourself. Of course be warn it is a powerful video with many hidden real scenarios. Any who, that problem I was having that I mentioned earlier… Nothing major.. Just, it’s a bit hard to find songs that sort of stay with all the random beats within the song.
Hah! And after a bit more researching I was able to find a few songs that actually went really good with all the stunts they portrayed from the video. I was actually surprised to see Lloyd – Get It Shawty blend well. Of course I don’t think any song will have a long enough pause for that gun pose but if you can look past that, it’s really good. A really fun thing is that the actual song is 120bpm… so I automatically found these dances to work with a good few of Lagy Gaga like Poker Face and Bad Romance. Even Ke$ha has a few that work too like Blow or Tik Tok. Pretty much keep it pop and you can’t go wrong.
Best thing, these are at the mainstore so you only have to search around one place! Dances galore lol. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥

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