Now when you see the name lover, you’d automatically think it be slow yeah? No? Just me? I swear I was preparing for something seductive to find out it’s actually upbeat! I swear sometimes their names throw me off. XD This pack is a leg stomper, leg kickin’ twirl them hips and poke that butt out dances. This is definitely one of those don’t judge a book by it’s cover ordeal right here. I would recommend some medium fast tempos especially pop music. If I understood beats per minute and such I’d tell you the number to be shooting for. Instead I’ll just list a couple of songs I found for them to work on my own lol. These dances actually go really well with the song by EXO-CB – Horololo and (G)I-DLE – LATATA. The perfect tempo and beat to match all aspects of these dances. Amazing how these dances can work well with kpop songs! These dances are hiding at the Ultra event at this moment. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥


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I know I’ve said in the past how other dance packs by Sync’d had some attitude but GORL! This takes the cake! [The cake is a lie btw.] This is definitely more for faster tempo songs. It not only gets you jumpin in the air but you still looking freakin’ hot doing it. I finally got the perfect dance pack for Barbie Tingz by Nicki Minaj & No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande. The splits… the quick twerks… the ATTITUDE! I wish I could enjoy this dance pack longer before the next one! This one is so worthy of being at Limit8. This is one of a kind and those who get the fatpack before it’s sold out you will be VERY LUCKY. and people shall envy you! XD Just think only a total of a 100 copies sold and there’s more than 10k users on the grid actively. o. o phew. Yeah, make sure you got this. Even if you can’t save money and have to buy the dances individually just get these dances! You have never crawled across the floor like this in SL, EVUH! Yes these dances are very feminine so sorry for the masculine boys but there is a release out now that is also unisex I’ll be blogging later! Wishing you happy shopping. ♥


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Wake Up Alice!

When I use to read about fairy tales, I never thought I’d end up in the middle of one.

– Alice

It’s time for that spin on Alice in Wonderland, yes it’s that time to show how creative my mind can get. Dun dun dun… I don’t know why but I am totally singing in my head while typing this and bopping my head like a dork. Anywho, Enchantment is still going strong and I have finally created a twist on the modern, hehe adult day Alice along with the help of a few other designers. Just a bit bum on the lack of nice white socks like Alice but I hope I could still execute my original thought. I also need for people to make a >< face for bento faces, you know those faces women make with that famous horror movie scream? Yeah that, all my animations are too subtle for a screaming episode lols. Random thought possibly designers?! I actually have a hunt item featured in this post that is going on right now at the Enchantment event as well!

This post is without a animated shot however, since I couldn’t find mary janes that worked with stockings well enough and most I have are too outdated. > .< So I do hope you don’t mind there isn’t a spinning close up this time but I promise you, what you see is what your getting and then some. ♥

Time to throw in an ol confession time, I use to be all up in the store of DeLa, I always found her to make the best hair strands. I find myself falling for her hair AGAIN. I think she’s the only designer I know to offer 3 different textures of each color for her hair. Whether you want the dull look, the slick shiny look or some roots. I just realized this mind you and wanted to gush about it. Because sometimes I don’t want shiny hair and some days I’m in looove with shine. Just a creator to keep an eye out for wigs wise.

This apron comes in three options actual! Each one with two versions of each style. There’s original, the one I’m wearing in the picture and floral that comes with the option of being clean or dirty. And then there is the dark apron that has the option of being clean and even bloody.

Nantra poses is an interesting one to use, I’m use to the props being more seperate to use but she includes hers inside the box that temp rezzes in-world with whatever pose you choose. 6 poses in total included, mirrored versions of each pose along with a shape if need be to make you fit the poses better. (i just tweak my own.).

I almost failed to mention how perfect my picture became once I had some random poker symbols floating about. It’s only a prim and definitely sets the mood for Alice. It even comes with the option of a decorative wall piece or even to have single rezzed versions of the poker symbols. Oooo there is even a wearable spiral of poker symbols if you feel real Red Queen-ish. Creative possibilities are endless right here. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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If you ever wanted more body rolls with a random bawse kick thrown in, then this is the pack for you. Now this one almost threw me for a loop because it has its slow moments, its medium moments and sometimes just for fun it throws a fast roll my way. This pack is just a bundle of surprises, little bit of break dances thrown in with those sexy hip moves you’d have to demo to see what I mean. I did however find a few songs that actually went well with mixture thrown at you. Just a few I can list right now would be TAEMIN- MOVE, MONSTA X – Jealousy and NCT U ‘Baby Don’t Stop’. This dance pack is at the Access event, I actually never been to this event. I must remember to visit and see what all is there. o .o Don’t sleep on this lovelies! Wishing you happy shopping.


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Hehe, I finally got my hands on a dance that is not for medium to slow tempo songs. I mean this dance alone is making it work with an old fav Jim Screechie – Spice. Now when I say it’s not medium to slow, must be going medium to fast instead! Everyone wants some dances they can be dancing in the club with and this is one of those packs. Giving a bit of sass and attitude along with being sensual all tied together. Ugh this dance is so good it even goes with my new obsession song, HYOLYN – Dally(달리) (feat. GRAY). I’m just making a list of all the vlogs I’m going to need to fork out to some of these nice dances. Oh! So tied up into the dances I almost forgot lols, this is not a mainstore release but this pack is gracing Shiny Shabby! Make sure you try this out with some good tempo songs, you’ll see. Wishing you happy shopping.


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Alert! We have a mainstore release! Which means no tping to a laggier sim to try out some dances! So I actually liked Chun Li is it my favorite over Barbie Tingz? Close but Barbie Tingz will always win with that walking intro of Nicki. XD So when I saw they made a dance pack for Chun, I knew I would be able to use this with a few songs. The song alone is a medium faster tempo than some of the releases lately so it becomes universal right then because of it. This dance pack definitely has a ‘don’t fuck with me’ vibe when you dance. This dance can be a definite group dance for some bad bishes. Me, myself, I can make this dance work with my kpop faves so it’s always a bonus for me. Like I can dance along to EXO-CBX ‘Horololo’, GD X TAEYANG – GOOD BOY and (Block B) – Shall We Dance. I always have some kpop days, hehe this is one of them. I like to broaden that musical heart of yours, even if some of the songs I pick are older. Wishing you happy shopping.


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Imagining Reality.

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.

– Cheshire Cat

Lemme just take this time to gush, I thought the store Whole Wheat was gone forever and I almost wanted to cry. But nope, they just moved which is fine with me long as they keep that creativity in the skies. It did however bring to my attention that I need more abnormal scenery landmarks. I got loads for the common looks of my imagination but definitely need some better backgrounds for when it comes to fantasy.

Anywho! Today marks the day for Blogger Appreciation at the Enchantment event. This round is Alice in Wonderland! This is like my favorite movie of all time, they didn’t even ruin it when they made it live action. If anything it made me love it more how they changed some parts. There is going to be so many goodies at this event, I hope you have your wallets ready. I know my head is spinning with ideas, lets just hope energy stays on my side and sleep stays away!

This outfit I made this time I reallly love, I haven’t gotten to use my doll corset yet and I have this weird passion for small top hats or small hats in general so I was loving everything I could find to create this look. The official opening date for Enchantment is the 12th of May so yes, tomorrow! Don’t even have to wait that long and it ends on the 31st. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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