Sophie vol.3.

Are you prepared for a mixture of shaking your booty, capturing other people’s attention and acting a bit goofy all while being sensual? I hope so because that’s all that Sophie volume 3 is about. And the best thing of all of course, bento enabled.
These dances are definitely for more of those head boppers and medium tempo songs with a mix of sensual in them. Of course I have a mini list of songs to give you more of an idea of what I mean. Best thing for me is that I was able to use these with a few kpop songs haha. Teyana Taylor – Gonna Love Me (Remix) ft. Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Raekwon, J.Y. Park(박진영) “Who’s your mama?(어머님이 누구니) (feat. Jessi) and Flowsik(플로우식) x Jessi(제시) _Wet(젖어’S).
This is a mainstore release, which means a special thank you price offer! The Dances cost 300L$ each. (10 Dances, 2399L$). For having bento included it really is worth the price. It might seem a bit much but definitely focus on how many your getting and how many people still barely use bento dances. You’ll be the most unique. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥

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