It’s about time I give XX the post this unisex dance rightfully deserves. Was definitely fun to try and match music to these dances. I think my favorite dance is when you bust out in a little hip action and throw your hands in the air while still thrusting. lols In certain parts of songs makes that dance just stick out so much more. I also even like the little side jig while scooting to the right. Definitely have to try these dances out, it’s actually a smaller pack only 4 dances. So expect it to be a bit cheaper than usual. 😀 You can find it at the mainstore now it was a Equal10 event release.
I thought I’d throw this little bit of information in before diving into songs. Did you know Sync’d started listing how long each dance is in the description? So if you use a HUD that likes to know the length of the dances, this is extremely helpful.
I found a couple of songs that I found to be super awesome fantastic yeah vibes lols. Mind you a bunch of reggae goes really well with the medium tempo steps. I found Hyuna ft Yook Ji Dam- Ice Ice to be a surprising song to work really well with these dances. A really good reggae song that I haven’t mentioned yet and found totally by accident on a stream while dancing was Ryan Oneil – I’m Just Saying. My helpful advice that I always stick, listen to music while trying out dances. Better yet, try out your favorite songs, you never know what will mesh and make you become your own hype man. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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