It’s time for a dance pack that is aimed for the men but of course women can enjoy too! If you couldn’t guess it, this is a dance pack inspired by the song God’s Plan. But of course, being me, I need to see what other songs can go with this dance pack. So let’s go!
This was a weird pairing but it somehow worked, the song Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice, somehow even though not always on beat just melded well together for me. Now it does pain me to say it but this dance really does go well with the song APES**T – THE CARTERS. It pains me to say it because the lyrics are awful. XD Like I listen to some raunchy stuff but this… talking a lingo only they understand for me. You can also always count on a Drake song to work with a Drake inspired dance pack lol. Yup that most recent release song Drake – I’m Upset, goes really well as well.
This dance pack was hiding at The Mens Dept for the round of June! There is also dances you can demo at the mainstore if you don’t want to rez a bunch of people like me. X3 Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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