Egads it is time for a Limit8 release which means what? A total of 100 copies of the fatpack is being sold at this event! I already seen some booths already dwindling down from 100. Definitely THE event you want to get into as soon as possible just because of the limited copies.
Now this is such a sexy bop despite what their video shows. When I say a bop I mean this is definitely for those songs you just have to dance to. Mainly a good medium tempo, seems Gorillaz and Studio Killerz is a good example of what I mean. Just a few good examples including Studio Killerz new release Party Like It’s Your Birthday. Another one is Gorillaz – Humility; who else noticed the cameo for Ace from the Gang Green Gang? XD and my favorite song Gorillaz – Strobelite, Troye Sivan – Dance To This and Gorillaz – Sorcererz.
Remember if you want to see exactly how good these dances are, listen to some music. It will totally change your thinking on buying any dances. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥ [X gon give it to ya. Couldn’t help myself. XD]

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