This is a really good round of Access this month, I definitely have to check this event out on Seraphim. Expect this dance pack to be hiding at this event as well as expect for some sensual hip action.
There is something about this pack that has something good, something bad and something way original. I really love when the hands are really fluid and the hips just flow so smooth like buttuh. Sync’d always just has a way to throw their own unique twist into a dance you haven’t seen yet in SL though. It really stands out in this pack so you don’t feel like your buying dupes.
How this dance was not named after the song by Cashmere Cat, Major Lazer, Tory Lanez – Miss You, I do not know how. It feels like they was literally listening to this song while creating this song. If you have not heard that song yet I strongly suggest you check it out, it is my daily obsession. I also found some other golden tracks that goes really well with this dance pack, don’t believe me? Listen to one of them while you try out the dances. A couple of others I found were Jessie J – Queen, Kehlani – Honey and The Internet – Come Over, both are really fire as well. I’m just a music head though lol. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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