It’s time for a unisex dancer coverage! That’s right, that means that this pack looks good even on a male. 😀 I’ll add this my whine/reggae collection. Every woman loves a man who can dance, it only shows how good he could be in the bed. ;3 I kid… sorta. XD Seriously, think about it, hip action. X3 Ok ok I’ll stop lols, it’s true though!
While finding songs that worked really well with these dances, I actually stumble upon the dances national anthem. Meaning, this is the song that is literally made for this song. I could play Stefflon Don – 16 Shots & Caravan Palace – Wonderland on replay and just watch me dance to this song all night long. But don’t worry I found a few more songs that go just as good with these dances. A few worth mentioning would be Gyptian – Non Stop, Spice – Tick TakShenseea – Loodi and Konshens – Bassline. I swear these music videos are so colorful or so focused on whining, I don’t know which to stare at more. XD
This pack is actually hiding at the Shiny Shabby event, make sure you try them out while listening to some music. You’ll miss out on some good moves listening to the wrong music, I’m just saying. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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