Tip Toe.


Now this dance pack ALMOST had me stumped on some songs! I mean no one listens to Tip Toe on repeat allll the time, right? So I definitely had to do some digging. I love how upbeat these dances are; I was able to make my friends want to join in. I actually didn’t like the song Tip Toe, not really sure why. But these dances made me like it as well as make me branch further out to find other songs that works with these dances. I think my favorite dance of this pack is when you literally tip toe to the right and then bring it back lol. Now to reveal what this challenge has brought me song wise! I actually found Major Lazer – Go Dung (feat. Kes) to match the tempo of these dances which made m think, ok reggae time. I even found Sean Paul & Major Lazer – Tip Pon It Tropkillaz & Major Lazer – Loko (feat. MC Kevinho & Busy Signal) to be really good songs to use with these dances as well. You can find this dance pack at the Equal10 event until June 5th so make sure you go and try it out! Wishing you happy shopping.


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