Now if this isn’t the booty shaking most wanted to be able to do for certain songs, than you just can’t be pleased! This is some definitely some fine twerking since the whole twerk episode of 2012 and everyone was busting out with twerk dances or twerk attire. lol I still have some of those old twerk dances but I think I can retire them now.

You can find this dance pack at the Blush event. These dances are really good with physics and better with a sking body maybe even the hourglass but don’t quote me. With both those on your butt will jiggle and it will be like yaaasss. I know the sking has butt physics but I also know that maitreya does not. :< Still looks good without but even BETTER with. Just a little thought you might wanna know bit.

Now this pack is not for the full out whine like some other ones, no no only certain parts are somewhat faster but nowhere near whining status. lols Think more of a subtle but I know what I’m doing kind of twerk; you don’t go over the top but you still shake it. You’d be better off with a medium fast tempo or even a medium tempo. Too fast and you might find yourself to miss some beats hehe. These are the songs I suggest that are best for this dance besides Beez in the Trap would be Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin – I Like It… Actually it’s kinda funny the more I play that song the more it seems like this song was meant for this song too! XD I know I should list some more songs but dangit it goes so well with this song. I feel like I might have to prove this with a vlog post very soon. Oh my gosh even Floswik x Jessi – Wet goes well with this dance too. (Yes that song is like my anthem, lemme lone! lol). It also reeeally works with Migos – Walk It Talk It ft. Drake, if you haven’t seen the video you are soooo missing out. XD They are seriously cranking out these dances. I have so many more dances to show off and review, I hope I can keep up! Wishing you happy shopping. ♥



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