New Course.

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.

– Matsuo Basho

Today marks the day of saving your last pennies for this round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 😀 It opens tomorrow and it’s time to break out the wenches outfits and grog. Time to set sail abroad and find the very treasure we need for roleplaying. \o/ Not a bad opening, right? XD Anywho, I’m showcasing not one but three sets of items you can get at this round. Including some lovely braids that come with a unique headpiece. Now the metal chains does not change but the beads do via HUD. The dress comes in 7 colors total with common matching gloves and jacket. Now the rare is the black set including gloves, jacket (not worn in picture) and the dress of course. Really neat thing about this set is it’s even compatible with the classic linden body.

Furniture wise, I tried to showcase everything this gacha had to offer but I could only fit so much lol. Just know this gacha is filled with everything a Captain could need in his or hers quarters. If only I could of found a really awesome boat with a captains cabin below deck.. But I found something just as good since everyone needs beer on a ship lol.

I do apologize in advance, for I think I need to get my eyes checked again. > . < My poor eyebrows didn’t want to rez in the closeup shot and I tried to fix it as best as I could since I had already left the setup. Anyone else having some rezzing issues with heavily objected posts lately or is it just me? lol I swear sometimes SL doesn’t want me to succeed the way some viewers are laid out. XD Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

Follow the key to know which clothes/items fit which body [if specified in folder] and always demo.

[a] = Akreuka       [b] = Belleza Sizes         [be] = Bento           [c] = Catwa         [l] = Lelutka              [f] = Fiore       [gg] = Group Gift          [m] = Maitreya Lara       [s] = Slink Physique           [sh] = Slink Hourglass       

[ss] = Standard Sizing       [o] = Omega       [ll] = Linden Labs System Body       [tmp] = The Mesh Project        [u] = Unrigged       [v] = Vista Bento Hands              [vm] = Vista MaleBento Hands


head – CATWA Hanako
skin-  Atelier Pepe – Tabbatha [c] @ Uber
hair – .:EMO-tions:. * LATY * @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
eye applier – LOTUS. Formation [c] (common)
body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

hairbase – out of Tableau Vivant \\ Dreads
eyebrows – O ` Mrida (ModernFrida) [c][o]
lipstick – L’Etre – Vivid matte [c][tinted]
nails – maitreya default.

necklace – .random.Matter. – Bane ULTRA RARE [u]

outfit – !!SMD!! Violetta Steel Gown Set [m][sh][ll] (RARE) @ FGC
boots – Pure Poison – Adrianna [b][m][s]

main shot – FOXCITY. Leaning [Stand] [be]
animare was used.
headshot – FOXCITY. Leaning [sitting] [be]

animation from Ana Poses – Ankara [be]

[V/W] Captain’s Desk RARE @ FGC
[V/W] Captain’s Chest RARE @ FGC
[V/W] Decorative Ship’s Wheel (common) @ FGC
[V/W] Bottled Ship (common) @ FGC
[V/W] Books ‘n Candle (common) @ FGC
[V/W] Rum set (common) @ FGC
[V/W] Sea Map (common) @ FGC
[V/W] Sealed Letter (common) @ FGC
[V/W] Ship’s Chest (common) @ FGC
[V/W] Smoke Set (common) @ FGC
MyBOXiD – Barrel basement
<3Heartistic – Floating Shelf [modded]

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