Early to Rise.

From early morning to late at night, it’s such an interesting life, and I’m healthy and free, and that’s not so easy with a family.

– Olav Thon

I decided not to do a close up for this post, instead including the gacha key for this photo. 😀 I wanted to really focus on the furniture here more than my outfit since it’s a very simple yet cute dress. You can definitely still see it nicely. I did want to take the time to express my appreciation for being accepted to be a blogger for AsteroidBox. It’s creativity like this that makes me so sad to disassemble something so purdy! If only I was a skybox fan this would be my permanent one! XD But I need landscaping in my life. Lmao Seriously the best skybox I’ve owned in a while. > w< I got so much furniture that can just fit inside. lol

Into a little bit of details! The futon bed, that has 8 couple animations and 8 single animations. This bed is PG, so don’t expect no hanky panky stanky stanky on it. :3 The stool also has some animations it includes at least 6 of them I think. I didn’t showcase the animations this time but you’ll see this bed and stool again soon. 😀

The way I was able to let some sun in was I made the outer wall on one side transparent. The inside is still solid but this just lets the sun in and makes it look nice. I even made the pose myself to give that feeling I always feel like getting out of bed. We definitely need more yawning poses in Second Life. If I wasn’t afraid of my own creation I’d give them away for cheap. Too much work though. X3 Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

Follow the key to know which clothes/items fit which body [if specified in folder] and always demo.

[a] = Akreuka       [b] = Belleza Sizes         [be] = Bento           [c] = Catwa         [l] = Lelutka              [f] = Fiore       [gg] = Group Gift          [m] = Maitreya Lara       [s] = Slink Physique           [sh] = Slink Hourglass       

[ss] = Standard Sizing       [o] = Omega       [ll] = Linden Labs System Body       [tmp] = The Mesh Project        [u] = Unrigged       [v] = Vista Bento Hands              [vm] = Vista MaleBento Hands


head – CATWA Tala
skin-  ItGirls – Mary [c]
hair –  AD – nicole
body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

dress – {ABC} Navajo Junky Cover-Up
panties – *JB* Terri

main shot – made it myself. 😀
animare was used.

AsteroidBox. Kogyo-yo-remu – Bamboo (common) @ Epiphany
AsteroidBox. Kogyo-yo-remu – Cabinet (common) @ Epiphany
AsteroidBox. Kogyo-yo-remu – Cups & Plates (common) @ Epiphany
AsteroidBox. Kogyo-yo-remu – Epiphany Exclusive Wall Shelf @ Epiphany
AsteroidBox. Kogyo-yo-remu – Futon Bed (common) @ Epiphany
AsteroidBox. Kogyo-yo-remu – Scroll (common) @ Epiphany
AsteroidBox. Kogyo-yo-remu – Shelves (common) @ Epiphany
AsteroidBox.Kogyo-yo-remu – Stool (common) @ Epiphany
AsteroidBox. Kogyo-yo-remu – Industrial Skybox RARE @ Epiphany
[[RH]] Wool (GAMAGUCHI) in cat -MARI- (common)
.lame – Tiara Laundry Basket
Soy. UTD – Counter table (common)
Soy. UTD – Gas stove (common)
Soy. UTD – Stacked pots (common)
[[RH]] KOTATSU + snacks
[[RH]] Soda water

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