Girl in Luv.

I didn’t think I was doing anything bad by falling in love.

– Selena Gomez

So I finally updated my iPod with some music after at least…  a year without syncing, mainly because it doesn’t always want to connect. I got a old classic iPod and it chooses when it wants to sync. Anyways, I finally got some music on there so of course that like opens the doors to listening to the whole list again. It’s been awhile since I listened to my iPod as well thanks to Youtube so I kept replaying this old beloved song of mine, BTS – Boy in Luv. To not mention that I was listening to this song the whole time taking this picture and moving things about would be a insult. It inspired my photos for today. And it also made me realize I should listen to my iPod and update it more often lol.

It’s already the 2nd day within the new year and so far I got two posts going in a row for the days! \o/ You may not see it as much but for me this is a self victory. Making little goals like this keeps me going as a blogger and to keep my sleeping in check. I try to do at least 4 productive things a day, including blogging just to keep me on my sleepy toes. I may not always make it to 4 things productive before a nap but as long as blogging is one of them. Guess you could call this a blogging new years resolution. X3 Anyone else make any blogging new years resolution? I read some on a few blogs but still curious ya’know. ^^;

Little information about the top I am wearing, it is only available in Maitreya at the moment. But look out for the updated version that comes with more body options! Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

Follow the key to know which clothes/items fit which body [if specified in folder] and always demo. 

[a] = Akreuka       [b] = Belleza Sizes         [be] = Bento           [c] = Catwa         [l] = Lelutka              [f] = Fiore       [gg] = Group Gift       [m] = Maitreya Lara       [s] = Slink Physique              [sh] = Slink Hourglass       

[ss] = Standard Sizing       [o] = Omega       [ll] = Linden Labs System Body       [tmp] = The Mesh Project        [u] = Unrigged       [v] = Vista Bento Hands              [vm] = Vista MaleBento Hands

head – CATWA Tala
skin-  ItGirls – Mary [c]
hair – [BURLEY]_Glitch
eye applier – -SU!-  Astrid [c][o]
body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

eyebrows – O ` Mrida (ModernFrida) [c][o]
eyelashes – Wednesday[+] ~ Everyday Eyelashes ~ [c]
lipstick – #adored – exalted lips – #11 holiday advent 2k17 [c][l]
freckles (face) – my own creation. yes srsly.
nails – maitreya default. [m]

nose – [VEX] The Moon nosering [u]
lip – -SU!- Piercing Set [be]
phone – REIGN.– Rcelly- POLARBEAR PHONE PLUG [be][Reignmas]
necklace – Astralia – Pizza Heart Friendship [u]

top –  Milk Tea: Nicoletta @ Cosmopolitan Room
pants – AMDShyra White Lace [b][m][s][sh]
heels –  Phedora ~ Anemoni [b][m][s]

main shot –  FOXCITY. Lounge [be]
head animation – [La Baguette] Mimiao [be]

animation from SLC AO Notorious [be]

Rowne.Street Style Star – The City RARE

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