Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to me, to us! it’s everyone’s birthday long as it’s two Sagis birthdays.

Happy Birthday to me! Yesterday was my SL daughters birthday (to the left of me) and my besties’ son’s birthday (right). So as you can see I’m fully surrounded by Sagittariuses, soon we shall rule the world with our weirdness and mood swings. \o/ I’m really just making this into a post so you can see my excuse for not blogging today. lol I’m celebratin’ my birthday! Thanks to my beautiful, sweet daughter for this impromptu birthday photo op. I’ve never had one before! Really warms up my Grinch-y heart. ♥ I’m only listing decor because this wasn’t goin to be a blog post. So don’t expect LMs but you can at least know the name of the items used. :3 Have a happy day on my birthday! ♥

FOXCITY. Editorial VOL2

FOXCITY. Leaning (Stand)

animare was used.

Laura Liberty – Happy Birthday Ice Cream Cone Cake Mesh

[The Emporium] Magicians Candle

May’s Soul & Tentacio rose – champagne (common)

May’s Soul & Tentacio – ice champagne (common)

May’s Soul & Tentacio – strawberries passion (common)

May’s Soul & Tentacio – flower drink (common)

[QE] Ho-Bag /Kinky Light/

Wednesday[+] ~ Crystal Life ~ Dango Plate – Common

.random.Matter. – Dorm Life – Soju Bottles (common)

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