Pretty in Pink.

Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!

– Miley Cyrus

When life gives you lemons, make pink lemonade.

It was a match made in heaven for this pink picture. Since MODA made a totally pinup look with the option of pink and Foxcity made 7 lovely pink backdrops for PocketGacha, I had sort of an idea exactly the picture I wanted to take. I don’t really do color scheme photos often.. But something told me this collab right here needed to happen. lol I need more color inspirations like this! Makes me feel like a Wiggle from the old (not that new crap) show. 😀 

My picture really doesn’t do much justice for how nice these backdrops are lately. I just love how easily it was to mesh the pinks together. You have no idea how hard it is usually to get two or three different brands to match in color. Or maybe you do and can totally feel my frustration with this. Then see my ease with this one because I will probably mess up a different one in the future. XD

I do wish I could babble on a little bit longer but I feel the sleepies creeping in from that leftover turkey I ate. >. < Little tip if you happen to like turkey, natural sleeping pill. XD It may not be for all but most I have encountered after eating turkey gets the itis and falls asleep. So beware of the turkey if trying to stay awake! lol Wishing you happy shopping.♥

Follow the key to know which clothes/items fit which body if specified. And always demo. ♥

[a] = Akreuka

[b] = Belleza Sizes

[be] = Bento

[c] = Catwa

[l] = Lelutka

[f] = Fiore

[m] = Maitreya Lara

[s] = Slink Physique

[sh] = Slink Hourglass

[ss] = Standard Sizing

[o] = Omega

[ll] = Linden Labs System Body

[tmp] = The Mesh Project

[v] = Vista Bento Hands

[vm] = Vista MaleBento Hands

head – CATWA Hanako

skin-  ItGirls – Mary [c]

hair –  [RA] Jill

hairbase – L’Etre – BabyHair [c][o]

eye applier – Kuriko-koibito chocolate eyes1 (common) [c] ((no rares!)) @ The Cookish Fair

body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

eyebrows – O ` Mrida (ModernFrida) [c][o]

eyelashes – Wednesday[+] ~ Everyday Eyelashes ~ [c]

freckles (face) – my own creation. yes srsly.

freckles (body) – BLUEBELL – Freckles All Body [b][m][s][o]

nails – [default maitreya]

earrings – *PL* love // MELTY LOVE (common)

necklace/bracelet – [MANDALA]Chunkeeey!!

handbag – [MODA] CLASSIC LADY CLUTCH (common) in PocketGacha

stole – [MODA] CLASSIC LADY FUR (common) [b][m][s][sh] in PocketGacha

dress – MODA- CLASSIC LADY DRESS (RARE) [b][m][s][sh] in PocketGacha

heels – [MODA] CLASSIC LADY PINUP PUMPS (ULTRA RARE) [b][m][s][sh] in PocketGacha

pose – FOXCITY. Fixated [be] @ Limit8

animare was used.

tree – [Poetica] Park Village West – Extras + Textures

[DDD] Twinkling Flower Bush

FOXCITY. Pretty in Pastels (common) in PocketGacha

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