.134; brazy.

it was mentioned to me in a older post of mine to make an informational post about when Brazy University was opening their enrollment again. well the time has finally come actually it came a bit earlier but i was busy doing a few other things. ^^; but only a few hrs late! this information is still gravy (good), may you find this information helpful. ♥

When going to enroll you have two options you can roleplay during the semester. You can either be a part time student or a full time student. A part time student chooses 3 classes while a full time student chooses 5 classes. Each of which will have full access to the university sim and events.  This semester we have School of Tech & Business. Which has the classes ‘Intro To Nursing’, ‘Intro to Virtual Medicine’, ‘Intro to Blogging’ and ‘Intro to Business 101’. Classes are also different this semester in School of Art & Design. ‘Intro to Photoshop’, ‘Themed Photography’ and ‘Interior Design’ are veterans to the school system this time. ‘Intro to Djing’, ‘Drama & Theatre’ and ‘Intro to Dance’ are ones that are definitely new to me. 😮 In School of Liberal Studies they was able to get a Professor from the rp sim Mischief Managed which i thought was pretty cool. This semester in that category there’s ‘Athletics’, ‘Anthropology’, ‘History of Criminal Justice’, ‘Herbology’, ‘SLife Skills’ and ‘Intro to the Black Zodiac’. There’s a lot of interesting classes this semester I won’t lie, if only I could fit more into my busy schedule. XD


Here is the prices to reserve a box so you can pick your classes before school starts:

Part Time Student – 1,400L & Full Time Student – 1,800L. Classes will start Monday, June 19th.


So far the part time students is definitely filling up quickly, so if you only can do 3 classes a week this is the time to hop on it. But if you ever need to know a little bit more info as in my experience there I’d be happy to answer specific questions but I won’t just start rambling about it. XD If you are looking to be a full time student there is plenty of spots to be one hehe. I hope you found this page useful and happy roleplaying. ♥

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