“How now, brown cow.”

i was suppose to look up what that means exactly, the first time I heard that saying was on Courage the Cowardly Dog when Eustace and Muriel was turned into puppets. alright ready to learn with me? “How now brown cow” (/ˈhaʊ ˈnaʊ ˈbraʊn ˈkaʊ/) is a phrase used in elocution teaching to demonstrate rounded vowel sounds. huh… interesting I didn’t know that because my own teachers didn’t really use it at all lol. kinda wish i learned this in school so i understood it more. >:x darn limitations. anywho my butt finally got into N-TwentyOne but now i am forever locked out of Uber. >< which is ok, i get to enjoy my money for a few more days. i like logging in and the balance not be 25L. 😀 then i quietly mourn it’s loss for whenever i can get into Uber. i did spend a little bit over at the Lost & Found though because uh hello? smaller bunny ears? yes please. btw there’s no point in the cow i just like cows and giraffes, but i’m not tall enough to take a picture of a giraffe that wont kneel down. XD ♥

Follow the key to know which clothes/items fit which body if specified. And always demo. ♥

[b] = Belleza Sizes

[be] = Bento

[c] = Catwa

[l] = Lelutka

[f] = Fiore

[m] = Maitreya Lara

[s] = Slink Physique

[sh] = Slink Hourglass

[ss] = Standard Sizing

[o] = Omega

[ll] = Linden Labs System Body

[tmp] = The Mesh Project

[v] = Vista Bento Hands

[vm] = Vista MaleBento Hands



ItGirls – Ash Skin [c]

little bones. Harlow @ N21


LOTUS. Realism Eyes [c] [eye applier] (common)


Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass

VISTA Prohand Bento [s][ll][b][m]

violetta. maro mayu eyebrows [c]

[okkbye] Evanescent Eyelashes [c]

Gaja x Bod Vitiligo (retired?)


Veechi – Glitz Liner [c]

~GD~Doll Anthem Nails [v]

**RE** Luxy Rings [v][m][s]

+ BunBun Bow + {aii}

+ Little BunBun Ears + {aii} @ Lost & Found [be]

.euphoric ~Hizma (nose piercing)

{VINCUE} Rompy+Suit [m][sh]

FOXCITY. Cutie Pie Bento Set [be]

[TomatoPark] MilkCow (comes with tomato plant)

[we’re CLOSED] grass field green

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