i finally got to sit down, think it over. dress up, think it over again then re-dress then think it over AGAIN. i finally was satisfied enough to take a picture. in case you was wondering why i am on this wearing maitreya body streak atm i am trying to see if i can actually get the maitreya as curvy as i want it but also not look like a whale in some long tight fitting dresses. nao, although i am not a strong liker of maitreya body a LOT of designers creations i like they only do maitreya. bummer right? i really do miss my curves of hourglass and sometimes freya once i look past my wondering torpedo boobs. so far i miss having an ass lol i really do, that’s the only thing the maitreya really lacks, that and some smoother saddlebags, who has humps on the side of their thighs? i can get it to work but it will not always be my go to body. anybody have a body that they just can’t let go?


annnyways i squeezed in RIGHT before collabor88 closed to change out and grabbed the fatpack of this hoodie. can i just say i love that i can color change each piece separately? like it’s a harajuku girls dream, srsly. all it needs is an update with some funky patterns. freakin ecstatic that i got cynful’s new panties to match with the jacket. it would of been a deal breaker if i couldn’t, i mean i gotta match somehow. and then i found heels to color match along with it. when i say moda makes it easy with her color huds, i do mean easy. sometimes i may have to tint a color a liiidddle bit just to make it match up perfect but anything with chains on em, i gotta have em. can we have some trap pants next please? lol ♥

Please follow the key to know which clothes/items fit which body if specified. ♥

[b] = Belleza Sizes

[c] = Catwa

[l] = Lelutka

[f] = Fiore

[m] = Maitreya Lara

[s] = Slink Physique

[sh] = Slink Hourglass

[ss] = Standard Sizing

[o] = Omega

[ll] = Linden Labs System Body

[tmp] = The Mesh Project

[v] = Vista Bento Hands

[vm] = Vista MaleBento Hands



::Modish:: Denise

#taketomiWEST – Kendall


[theSkinnery]  Dreamsicle Eyes [o] [eye applier]

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5


violetta. maro mayu eyebrows [c]


~LF~ Barbell -Catya-

~LF~ Nose Ring (ball) -Catya-

[Cynful] Coax Bellychain @ WCF7 [b][m][s][sh]

[FORMANAILS] Nails & Accessories – CIRI


[Cynful] Coax Lingerie Panties @ WCF7 [b][m][s][sh]

[MODA] BOUND CHAIN PLATFORMS @ Cosmopolitan Room [m][s][b]

[VALE KOER] CROPHOODIE [b][m][s][sh]
posesBodyLanguage SLC (I lost the names .-.)

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