i did this photo a little whiles ago and went like pervert cute happy over here. the hentai fair opening up and me rushing in there to buy things i don’t have. insane. @.@ i held off on posting it though because i’m not too happy with how the picture came out. i wish i had saved the outfit so i could re-do it but i already have a new outfit idea. sucks right? XD so umm i hope you guys don’t think it sucks too bad.  and i went to chouchou, who can’t help but love chouchouuu ♥

note: please refer to my mainstore landmarks up on the bar to find any other stores landmark. ♥


[DUE] Xuan V2 @ Hentai Fair ? ? (i think) > .<

[whatever] Limited Eyes

Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Elegant

Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass

.:Soul:. Kissers – Anya – Open


.:Mai Bilavio:. Celebrity Boudoir Lashes

[okkbye] Summer Freckles – Serious – Gingerly


[][]Trap[][][Gauze] Succubus Wings @ Hentai Fair

{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz – Mizu+Hat (common) @ Hentai Fair

.01 [ kunst ] – Unisex Cigarette & holder RARE


Sweet Thing. Showtime Lingerie

Bossie. x pasties [group gift]

*Epic* Heavenly Heels! {White}

*JB* Terri Panties

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