n-core released another pair of those skates but retro and oh my god i almost went wild. especially how much for the color options of everything. i love retro so much, oh my god… i love a lot of things actually… but right now spotlight, retro. boom. the choi has spoken retro, this month is so retro! hmm no event items this time mostly mainstore releases… sweet. 😀 i also decided to work back on my own personal skin since i’m having another skin crisis. lols. so if you’re looking for where my skin is from you wont find it. it’s my handywork. ♥ i think it was destined for me to land on this sim again lols. ♥

note: please refer to my mainstore landmarks up on the bar to find any other stores landmark. ♥



Mithral * Alkaline

AnalogDog – hair base

.:Soul:. Kissers – Anya – Open

.:Soul:. Kissers – Anya Teeth – Buck

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Elegant

Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass


Letis Tattoo :: Diwali ::

[okkbye] Summer Freckles – Serious – Gingerly

.:Mai Bilavio:. Celebrity Boudoir Lashes


Addams // Sabrina Dress

Blueberry – Conie – Sporty Shorts

N-core SKATES “Retro”

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