as you can tell i reeeeeallly liked uber this round. a few things were hit and missed but hey you can’t please em all right? fishy strawberry gave me a heads up on the event theme when she gave out the tops and i almost wet my pants. i felt so much indian i had to go watch some bollywood movies. lol i loooove colors so i was crossing my fingers hoping designers made colorful things and look! colorful, well i toned it down with some white but cooooolorful. i’ma go have some more fun playing dress up, tata. ♥

♥ I will no longer be including landmarks on my post. I made a page located uptop with all the LMs inside my inventory and more that I add when I come across it. It is alphabetical order, I wanted to keep it easy. ♥

how MANY events are showing.?

+.headdress & nose ring; MG – Tikka and Nose Ring – Maharani @ Uber
+.hair; little bones. Shaaswat (does come with own head jewel) @ Uber
+.top; *Fishy Strawberry* Jaya Top @ Uber
+.skirt; *{Junbug}* Sitara Skirt @ Uber
+.hands tattoo; Moon Amore – Hamsa @ Cosmetic Fair
+.rings; .random.Matter. – Norbu Rings @ Uber
+.cushion; junk. oversized wall cushion @ Uber
+.rug; :CP: Lotus Spa Rugs @ Uber
+.stools; :CP: Lotus Spa Ottoman @ Uber

BUILD a me.:

+.eyes; [Buzz] Elysium (mesh eyes included)
+.ears; [MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season 5
+.skin; .Birdy. Alex
+.h&f; Slink Avatar Enhancement
+.body; Maitreya Mesh Body

enhance YOUR look.:

+.eyelashes; Mai Bilavio:. Clumpy Princess Lash
+.face enhance; included with skin
+.nails; [LB CherryBlossomSilver]

dress UP.:

it’s all at events. 😮

now VOGUE.:

+.landscape; Infiniti
+.portrait; marukin

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