so i got this wok rare a while ago at the xiasumi school festival, which is still running… i think, don’t hold me to it but you have the stores name atleast.  but i was like i feel like a tribal princess but i shall be one who protects her kitchen. i shall bat my husband away with this spatula.. you know what i’ma do that right now in real life. i’ma go hit him with a spatula on his butt. tata! ♥

a big thanks to my friend Aria  for having such a lovely kitchen to take pictures at. ♥

♥ I will no longer be including landmarks on my post. I made a page located uptop with all the LMs inside my inventory and more that I add when I come across it. It is alphabetical order, I wanted to keep it easy. ♥


how MANY events are showing.?

+.wok & spatula; Toro. Wok Husband Defense System RARE @ Xiasumi School Festival
+.heels; RO – Helvetica Heels @ Collabor88

BUILD a me.:

+.hair; [taketomi]_Meari
+.eyes; .tsg. Charm Eyes (NEW!)
+.skin; ND/MD EBONI
+.hands & feet; Slink Avatar Enhancement

enhance your SELF.:

+.eyelashes; Mai Bilavio:. Clumpy Princess
+.eyebags; .random.Matter. – Perfectly Flawed

style IT up.:

+.headband; :Moon Amore: Hippieband RARE

dress UP.:

+.dress; Blueberry – Amalia – Beaded Dresses (friendly)

now VOGUE.:

all animations are in the wok itself.

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