I Am You. 너는 나

I only ever listened to hip hop, now I’m acoustic.
힙합만 듣던 난 어쿠스틱해졌어 .


Time for a random inspiration post of wanting to wear stockings with heels and stripes galore. \o/ Betcha never even thought about using your socks with some of your high heels yet. Of course, given it does clip with some heels more than others but you can still make some really cute combos long as there isn’t much straps. Apologies in my gif though, viewer issues once again to where I even had to use Firestorm (haven’t done that in 2 yrs). So I know the quality looks completely different too, hope it doesn’t take away from the look tho.

I didn’t get to show the best part of this skirt I am wearing but it is down below in the gif. I don’t know why but I really like how this skirt shows a little skin. It’s also a high waisted skirt as you can see so it goes really well with other crop tops. There is a matching top Blueberry made with this skirt but I was really hooked on this top. Speaking of tops, soon as I saw this on my facebook newsfeed I knew it had to be mine… seriously. I have seen a LOT of these kinds of layering styles in all the music videos I be obsessing over, so this was a must. I plan to own all these type of top styles in real life as well. XD

By the way can I just say how much it doesn’t even look like I used a backdrop for this photo? Granted if you are short like me, you’ll need to stretch your body to successfully lean on the desk, your butt touch the desk and you not hover like 2 ft over. XD Just a little bit of photo taking maneuvering I had to do, sometimes you can’t stay short for a awesome shot. Thanks again Backdrop City for introducing me to a new designer, never would of found this beauty. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Egads it is time for a Limit8 release which means what? A total of 100 copies of the fatpack is being sold at this event! I already seen some booths already dwindling down from 100. Definitely THE event you want to get into as soon as possible just because of the limited copies.
Now this is such a sexy bop despite what their video shows. When I say a bop I mean this is definitely for those songs you just have to dance to. Mainly a good medium tempo, seems Gorillaz and Studio Killerz is a good example of what I mean. Just a few good examples including Studio Killerz new release Party Like It’s Your Birthday. Another one is Gorillaz – Humility; who else noticed the cameo for Ace from the Gang Green Gang? XD and my favorite song Gorillaz – Strobelite, Troye Sivan – Dance To This and Gorillaz – Sorcererz.
Remember if you want to see exactly how good these dances are, listen to some music. It will totally change your thinking on buying any dances. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥ [X gon give it to ya. Couldn’t help myself. XD]

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This is a really good round of Access this month, I definitely have to check this event out on Seraphim. Expect this dance pack to be hiding at this event as well as expect for some sensual hip action.
There is something about this pack that has something good, something bad and something way original. I really love when the hands are really fluid and the hips just flow so smooth like buttuh. Sync’d always just has a way to throw their own unique twist into a dance you haven’t seen yet in SL though. It really stands out in this pack so you don’t feel like your buying dupes.
How this dance was not named after the song by Cashmere Cat, Major Lazer, Tory Lanez – Miss You, I do not know how. It feels like they was literally listening to this song while creating this song. If you have not heard that song yet I strongly suggest you check it out, it is my daily obsession. I also found some other golden tracks that goes really well with this dance pack, don’t believe me? Listen to one of them while you try out the dances. A couple of others I found were Jessie J – Queen, Kehlani – Honey and The Internet – Come Over, both are really fire as well. I’m just a music head though lol. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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It’s time for a unisex dancer coverage! That’s right, that means that this pack looks good even on a male. 😀 I’ll add this my whine/reggae collection. Every woman loves a man who can dance, it only shows how good he could be in the bed. ;3 I kid… sorta. XD Seriously, think about it, hip action. X3 Ok ok I’ll stop lols, it’s true though!
While finding songs that worked really well with these dances, I actually stumble upon the dances national anthem. Meaning, this is the song that is literally made for this song. I could play Stefflon Don – 16 Shots & Caravan Palace – Wonderland on replay and just watch me dance to this song all night long. But don’t worry I found a few more songs that go just as good with these dances. A few worth mentioning would be Gyptian – Non Stop, Spice – Tick TakShenseea – Loodi and Konshens – Bassline. I swear these music videos are so colorful or so focused on whining, I don’t know which to stare at more. XD
This pack is actually hiding at the Shiny Shabby event, make sure you try them out while listening to some music. You’ll miss out on some good moves listening to the wrong music, I’m just saying. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Morning Glow.

A great figure or physique is nice, but it’s self-confidence that makes someone really sexy.

– Vivica A. Fox

Apologieees for being so quietly lately. I am truly sorry as my sleeping schedule slowly falls more and more out of my hands. But do know I miss blogging terribly! Every time I glimpse at my FB or Flickr (all ninja like in between naps) I see all these new products and all the inspiration overwhelms me… Then my body is just like nope, bed. I am truly grateful and happy for those of you whom stick with my random postings and awkward silences. It really does mean a lot to me. ♥ ♥

Does it show that I, myself do not take selfies and am an amateur at taking them even in SecondLife? I definitely should try and take more selfies in real life and sl because I feel as a blogger I should be better at this dammit! Hopefully you can see past the awkwardness and get enticed by something I’m wearing.

Alright, on to what you came to this post for! I actually made the boobie pawprints myself because I am still debating on getting some irl but completely unsure of it. I never had a tattoo before and hopefully this will help me get either some good feedback or bad and lemme know not to do it or go for it! Lols Just thought I’d explaining why you won’t see where these pawprints are from.

This top by Blueberry… ugh.. It was like a prayer being answered.. I don’t know how.. I didn’t even feel like I needed a shirt but I put this on and I was like.. I need this shirt. The textures are just so phenomenal and I always love all the colors Mishi offers, however one day I hope for a more vivid red perhaps?… hmm? ♥ ♥ lols.

Applier lovers spotlight time! ! ! I am actually wearing some applier panties in this blog post. It comes in two options, either low waisted like I took in the picture or highwaisted. Comes in 7 color options, the part that changes color is the crotch fabric. ♥ lols By the way, this cannot go without mention. This necklace right here, I think is my favorite choker in a while that is metal. And I actually really digged that stacked necklace I have by Cynful but this necklace just feels so edgy yet elegant and I love it. The earrings paired with it was actually a really nice touch and I usually don’t care for crosses. So kudos aye!

I wish I had the time to type out about every piece of clothing and accessory I am wearing that just made this picture come to life. But I think I would probably bore you to death, make you think I’m a booty licker and probably just skip all the way to the last paragraph anyways. So I’ll cut it short here and keep it sweet lols. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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It’s a bit slower, there’s more hips yet it still go with some good R&B to Pop songs even some Hip Hop. Took my time analyzing this InWorld mainstore release and it gets the good ol song approvals. With some subtle whining and twerks, Check is a pack you’ll definitely need to try out in person to really appreciate. You may be gazing into the stars but you’ll come back down to that seductive reality.
I actually did not plan on trying this dance pack with the song by John Legend – Tonight (Best You Ever Had). It’s my parents favorite song and yeah they sorta ruined it for me. XD Thinking of your parents in love can be a gross and loving thing. Anywho, I’m really glad I did try it with this song because it actually flows really well together. Sync’d just has the magic of tempo when it comes to matching to random songs I find lol. I was actually happy how well the dances worked along with the song by Moon Byul(문별) _ SELFISH Feat. SEULGI(슬기). It’s been on replay in my itunes for a while now so it’s nice to have a dance for it. X3 Even though it doesn’t fully go with it, I found the song by BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear ‘Singularity’ to be a nice song to consider as well. The hip actions paired along with the bass drops in this song is EVERYTHING though. Another song this dance really works too good with is by Jessie J – Queen. The song alone makes you feel good so doing this pack with them just sorta increases your self confidence. You don’t even have to worry about getting into an event this time to test it out! Wishing you happy shopping. ♥


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Hello my lovely readers! I actually meant to have this post out a lot earlier then I am posting it. Was off my A-game a bit and got stumped on some songs to play along with these dances. I did however finally did get the hang of it and found the right tempo/genre to pair up. I have been a bit slow this past week with the increase of sleeping, apologies. XD

There is this movie I used to watch on Netflix sooo much, I don’t know if it’s still on there knowing Netflix. But it’s named Dil To Pagal Hai and I’ve been waiting to have some dang upbeat dances to meet the bollywood vibe of Pyar Kar & Are Re Are. If you’ve tried the dances, you’ll see why I finally thought of digging up my old bollywood faves. The elegant flow of arms and then clink of bracelets made me instantly think of Indian culture. Does it fit eeevery bollywood song? Of course not, I know some hyper bollywood songs that need a special speed to even try to stay on beat. XD But these aaare good for some of the upbeat love songs or just random festive fun songs. You can find this dance pack at the Whimsical event, it actually closes on the 18th of this month! Plenty of time actually, wow. o .o I am so out of touch with events I’m afraid I’m running late when I’m actually ok in time. XD Wishing you happy shopping. ♥


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