Makeup mistakes that you don’t know


With the aim of perfection at makeup, you have bought all the essential tools and the branded cosmetics. But what? You are still failing to achieve your perfect makeup look.

It is because of the neglected makeup mistakes that we continue to repeat each time.

Read below to know what have been hindering you to attain your desired makeup look.



  1. Getting on with dirty brushes

Cleaning the brushes definitely costs you time but unclean brushes causes less precise makeup application and popping up of different spots.

Don’t forget to give them deep cleaning once a week either with water, bush cleanser or lotion. Enjoy accurate makeup with clean brushes.

  1. No skin match foundation

Wearing a lighter tone than your skin only makes the blemishes and smile lines on your skin more prominent and similarly darker tone does no good.

The best way to find a foundation that matches your skin is by testing it against your jawline. Always use foundation that matches your skin.

  1. Loaded under eye area with concealer

Apply it in a V shape under eyes and not squeeze all of it without any blending.

Also, do not expect one concealer to perform all of the tasks from concealing laugh lines and spots to brightening them. Select and use accordingly.

  1. Either nothing or else too much on the eyebrows

Some of you tend to skip the eyebrows and some overdo it using pencil. Neither is the good choice. Bushy eyebrows look untidy and make your makeup seem incomplete while too much on them makes them scary.

Apply dark shadow or eyebrow cake powders with angled brush for perfect and natural brows.

  1. The weird lipstick color

Go for nude lipsticks that give you the nude lips look. Putting on such dark and unnatural lipsticks only makes it look tacky and adds unwanted years to your age count.




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