Choosing a bathroom mirror

  1. The mirror is the main item in the bathroom. The mirror should be elegant, easy to clean and functional. There are other characteristics such as increased reflection and a surface that does not fog up. Choosing a bathroom mirror is easy enough if you know exactly what you are looking for.

    Choose a mirror that will bring balance to the bathroom.

    Height: You don’t want to stretch your head like a chick to see a specific part of your face. Therefore, the mirror should be practically the same length as the counter on which the washbasin is located.

    Style: Match your mirror to your overall style. If your bathroom is designed in modern style, then a mirror in a chrome frame with built-in lights on the sides will suit you. For a stucco bathroom, choose a frame in a more neutral color.

    Ease of maintenance: Everyone knows water droplets and traces of soap suds on the surface of the mirror. Get a mirror that has a high-quality finish, a shiny, non-marking coating. You can spend several hours cleaning a mirror with questionable finish.

    Increase Reflection: If you have enough room in your bathroom, it is a good idea to install a dedicated makeup and shaving mirror. It can be located, most successfully, on the side of the sink. Magnifying mirrors of this kind usually have a telescopic mount that is fixed to the wall and you can return to its original position after use. This will allow you to increase the reflection of your face when you shave, paint your lips or eyelashes, etc.

    Anti-fog: With poor ventilation in the bathroom, you need a mirror with an anti-fog coating to prevent the mirror surface from fogging up. This will prevent you from constantly wiping it down with a napkin and you will not have to rush to complete your toilet before the mirror fogs up again. Heated mirrors are another solution to the fogging problem. Juergen offers this solution as an option for almost any of its mirrors.

    Or a medicine cabinet with a mirror?: The idea of ​​a wall cabinet in the bathroom with a mirror is also noteworthy. This option will save a lot of space (especially important for small rooms) and will perfectly fit into almost any interior.

    So, choosing a bathroom mirror is not particularly difficult. It is enough to know which of the characteristics are important for you.

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