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Netscape was supported by AOL. A couple of years before, only after they’d dropped the Browser Wars into Microsoft, they’d released the programming for Netscape to the public domain. This meant anyone could create their own browser with the Netscape skeleton. And folks did. Epiphany, Galeon and Camino, among others, were created from Netscape’s ashes. Nevertheless the two most well-known novices were known as Mozilla and Firefox.

Mozilla was initially an open sourced project aimed to enhance the Netscape browser. Finally it had been released as Netscape Navigator 7 and 8.

Mozilla was an early version on a different open source browser, Firefox. Together with it being an open resource the public could contribute to it adding in what features it had, the programming it took along with the support it needed. For example, the numerous security problems IE 6 had were nearly completely fixed from the very first launch of Firefox. Microsoft had another battle on their hands.

2005 – Current

Firefox was the browser which climbed and climbed in those years. Every year capturing a much bigger market uc browser download for pc percent than previously. More user friendly compared to many of its rivals together with higher safety levels and arguably smarter programming aided its popularity. With such a massive programming community supporting it, upgrades have always been routine and add-on programs/features are usually published.

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