Article – C to D Sports Betting Definitions

Chalk: the supported group to win (used to depict a substantial top choice). Model sentence: The nearby soccer club is chalk against the meeting group.

Chalk Eater or Player: a games bettor that fundamentally or just backs top choices. Model sentence: I have a companion who never wagers on the dark horse, we consider him a chalk eater.

Secured: winning   บอลเดี่ยว100  against the point spread. Model sentence: I wager on the Buffalo Bills despite the fact that they start the game with a – 4 point spread, I realize they will win by more then 4 focuses so its a definite wager.

Orbited: a match that has decreased wagering activity because of different variables like terrible climate or player injury. Model sentence: The Australia versus Germany football match-up was circumnavigated in light of the fact that a few starters for the two groups caught this season’s cold virus.

Floor covering: Odds of 3 to 1 (UK Slang). 

Shutting Line: no more changes to the point spread will be made before game time. 

Canadian Line: a mix cash line and point-spread wager in hockey. 

Dead Hit: the two groups or players end the match equivalent – the two of them win. Model sentence: It was a dead hit coordinate between the Tamworth Butchers and Gunnedah Sharks soccer groups as the two of them had an objective on the scoreboard at the last whistle.

Dime: is a $1000.00 bet. 

Profit: the payout (return) on the wager. Model sentence: The profit on the bet was forty dollars. 

Canine: is the less preferred group to win. Model sentence: The Celtics are the canine in their up and coming match against the Lakers as most of individuals accept the Lakers will win.

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